Web Summit – Top 50 Hottest Early Stage Startups In The World

4000 people attended this year’s Dublin Web Summit conference and watched two days of speeches and exhibits by leaders in the technology industry. 250 startup companies set up base in the conference halls, eager to share information, seek investors, and attract potential customers.

The Electric Ireland Spark of Genius Award went to a US-based startup SmartThings. Besides enormous recognition, the company was awarded with a €100,000 cash prize. CEO Alex Hawkinson thanked Ireland for being an “incredible host” and hopes to open an Irish office in the near future.

Over 1000 companies from 36 countries applied for the Electric Ireland Spark of Genius Award. For your pleasure and inspiration, here are 50 exciting startups selected from the award finalists. These companies combine innovation with productivity to generate excitement and influence in a competitive environment.


50. Rolio   

Is keeping track of your social media getting out of control? Rolio aggregates your news, business, entertainment, sports, and social media into a real-time customizable feed for your convenience and sanity.

49. Iceotope

This innovative company uses liquid cooling instead of air to harvest heat from electronics, ensuring sufficient energy delivery in a form that can be efficiently disposed of or even reused.

48. GetHealth

Don’t neglect your physical health and well being. This app provides daily metrics so you can keep progressing with aspects of your health like Munch, Move, and Mind.

47. Paycento

Increased revenue anyone? Paycento assists in monetizing your digital content by offering an alternative way of paying for digital goods: using a user’s social identity to pay with Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

46. Zoobe

Zoobe gives you the ability to spice up your message sending. Communicate entertainingly by messaging with the help of a personalized, animated avatar that lip syncs to your voice, dances, and spreads all-around good cheer.

45. 45Sound

Looking to utilize some concert footage live-shot by an audience member? 45Sound replaces the shoddy audio with audio straight from the mixing desk, adds in crowd noise, and recreates a live atmosphere.

44. Etherbooks

Etherbooks is an exciting, new mobile social reading platform that publishes “made for mobile” Quick Reads directly to Smart Phones. E-reading is becoming more and more popular, and bite-size morsels of writing are the way of the future.

43. Tawkon

Cell phones work by utilizing the electromagnetic spectrum to transmit information from your cell phone to a base station. Unfortunately, radiation levels become a concern when electromagnetism is involved. Confused? Don’t worry, the folks at Tawkon aren’t, and they will alert you when your exposure to radiation is particularly high.

42. SXML

XML is a markup coding language that defines rules for encoding documents in a format that is readable by humans and machines. SXML takes this connectivity and makes it easy to use, manageable, and intuitive.

41. Retailtower

Showcase your store everywhere in the online world. Retailtower integrates all the major e-commerce platforms into an intuitive interface and can turn your Facebook page into an online store.

40. Stuffle

Stuffle brings the fun and neighborhood feel of a flea market to your iPhone. Simply snap a picture, create a title and description, and set your price.

39. Superfunplay

Games, games, games. Superfunplay dedicates itself to developing state-of-the-art, high quality, good-value, and super-fun games for iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Their goal is to “buy a small island, declare it an independent nation, Superfuntania, and invite gamers from all over the world to come and live there.” Sounds like a good place for a vacation, at least.

38. Appsmakerstore

Want to get in on the mobile app developing game? Appsmakerstore will facilitate the process and let you do so without excessive development costs or technological expertise.

37. Videocrisp

Quality video content is becoming more and more essential. Videocrisp is a cloud-based tool that creates professional quality videos with a few simple clicks of the mouse. Don’t be dismayed by your lack of technical knowledge or editing experience. Videocrisp will take care of the details for you.

36. Moosify

A social platform based on the love and inspiring power of music. Connect with new people, new places, and new music by identifying your preferences and tastes.

35. Birdbox

Birdbox brings all your photos and videos into one place. Back up and organize your media and regain control.

34. Nextpromote

With Nextpromote, you can post dynamic product promotions for your Facebook fans with this marketing platform. Engage your audience directly within their News Feeds, and grab their attention with promotional offers, discounts, or new products.

33. Sendmybag

Tired of ever-increasing airline baggage fees and lost luggage? Sendmybag will come to your home, pick up your luggage, and deliver it to your destination quickly and safely.

32. Floatapp

Forecast your future cash flow with this helpful service. Forget mindless hours of data entry into Excel spreadsheets. Floatapp will do it for you and help you get your budget under control.

31. Newswhip

News you can use. Newswhip keeps you up to date on relevant current events by showing how quickly a news story is spreading through Facebook and Twitter.

30. Fixational

Wink at your iPhone and it will take your picture. Great, fun concept for self-photographs. We’re getting closer to Minority Report every day.

29. Usabilitytools

Usabilitytools offers full-scale, affordable research and testing. Tons of powerful tools in one place, including surveys, click tracking, split testing, accessibility evaluations, and much more.

28. Nuji

Follow your favorite retail stores and get regular updates in one place. Nuji carries stores from around the world, from major chains to unique boutiques. Get inspired by those with similar tastes by following other people’s shopping wishlists.

27. Farmflo

Finally, a system specifically for farmers. Manage your records, meet regulations, lower costs, and improve the performance of your farm with easy to use tools and an intuitive interface. Don’t have a farm? Perhaps you could use Farmflo to play your favorite Facebook game.

26. My1login

So many passwords…Cannot remember…Too many letters and numbers…Overload…Information overload. My1login is an online password manager that gives you highly-secure access to your passwords from anywhere with one simple click.

25. Tellyo

Tellyo is the new way to enjoy your favorite television programs. It offers a next-generation sophisticated remote control, allows you to watch programs with online friends and make comments, and follow trending shows and your friends’ favorites.

24. 8thcolor

8thcolor offers a unique service with Sybil, a developer talent management tool. It identifies developers’ skills in your company by analyzing source code. Profiles are generated automatically from actual source code, ensuring information is “up to date, objective and precise.”

23. Clevermiles

Become a better, safer driver and prove it with Clevermiles. It acts as a virtual co-pilot to help you become a more effective driver in real-time. Use your high driving score to gain real financial rewards through great deals. Showcase your high score to insurance companies for more savings.

22. Bullet

Run your business and gain control of your financial records with Bullet, an online accounting and payroll software. Snap receipt photos for input, integrate invoices, organize and forecast your cash flow and more.

21. Ovelin

Everybody wants to learn to play the guitar, whether they admit it or not. Ovelin offers Wildchords, a product that makes learning the guitar fun and social. Don’t get bored with repetitive scales and exercises. Wildchords turns the learning process into a game to make sure you get your practice in.

20. Atooma

Atooma reshapes your Smart Phone by automating the tasks you don’t want to perform. Set up conditional events that trigger actions based on variables like time of day, location, battery levels, and much more.

19. Vivocha

Successful businesses are built on effective communication. Engage your customers online with Vivocha, a cloud-based service that lets you interact with customers and fans in an accessible interface with no tech skills required.

18. Gidsy

Find something fun to do. Gidsy helps you locate your next exciting activity wherever you may find yourself. Find a private guide to show you the best walking trail. Take a cooking class hosted by a professional chef. Whatever your interest, Gidsy will make sure you’re entertained and having fun.

17. Bragbet

I’ll bet you five dollars you don’t know what Bragbet offers. Did you say an online community to banter with your friends, place bets, join a team, and brag about your winnings? You did? Dang.

16. Getaftermath

Mathematics education is a struggle for many young people. Add in online distractions, and it can become an impossible task. Aftermath creates a unique system that rewards students with online Facebook time for every math problem they complete.

15. Six3

Six 3 offers an accessible, easy way to send, view, and reply to private video messages.

14. Cleverbug

The Cleverbug app gives you the power to create and send tangible, printed birthday cards to your friends by capturing images straight from your friends’ Facebook photos. Personalize that birthday message to your best buddy.

13. Willstream

Take control of your family finances by sending funds directly to businesses your family uses most. Simply select a business, create a family fund gift card, and organize your domestic expenses.

12. UserStory

Are you launching a website, developing an app, selling a product or service, or looking to redesign? Userstory offers online user testing and an expert review system to deliver a “great online experience for your customers.”

11. Giveforward

Giveforward makes it easy to provide financial and emotional support to those in need. Raise money to navigate though unforeseen medical crises. You never know what’s around the corner, and Giveforward makes it easy to help.

10. Seenbefore

Nearly half of web searches are simply people looking for what they have already seen before. Seenbefore will record what you’ve seen on your web browser, so if the content changes or is removed, you can still find what you need.

9. Behaviosec

Behaviosec offers multi-layer security solutions by identifying the user working on a computer or mobile device. It utilizes environmental analysis like keyboard typing rhythms and mouse patterns in order to recognize an intended user.

8. Screach

Screach is an interactive discovery engine that gives you cool new ways to experience your favorite activities like shopping, having a cocktail, watching TV, or exploring a new city. Give your activities an interactive edge by launching Screach “experiences” when you’re out and about.

7. Vibease

Adults only, please. A unique “personal massager” for women that offers an interactive experience and the ability to be controlled remotely by a partner.

6. Twipemobile

Smart Phones and tablets are only becoming more popular. Twipe transforms your print content to mobile and tablet form efficiently and attractively. Their designs run on a “scalable, cloud based and proved tablet publishing platform.”

5. Pollarize

Need a little help making a decision? Input your question and Pollarize will stylishly share it with your friends and family with the tap of a button. Receive opinions and feedback from other users based on an authority rating and get nudged in the right direction.

4. iSell

A useful, well-organized community to buy, sell, and trade using free classifieds. Simply post your free ads or browse for items like used cars, boats, furniture, instruments, homes, jobs and more. Relevant categorization and local search make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.



3. Yossarianlives

A metaphorical search engine? Yossarianlives generates search results that return “disparate, but potentially metaphorically related information” to assist creative types in the generation of new knowledge. Bonus points for catching the Joseph Heller allusion.

2. Sponsorhub

Turn the art of sponsorship into a science with Sponsorhub. Discover sponsorships that match your brand, use valuable metrics to gauge success, and handle negotiations with ease.

1. SmartThings

Finally, the big winner! Increase the general awesomeness of your life by adding intelligence and value to everyday things in your world. Manage your home security, identify potential issues in your home, and keep track of the comings and goings of your family.

As you can see, there are a ton of great ideas out there. Some are revolutionary; others are creative twists that offer new solutions to old challenges. Which of these companies sounds the most exciting to you? Let us know with a comment.


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