Track Your Website’s Online Customers to See Your Profits Grow

Track Your Website's Online Customers to See Your Profits Grow

Creating businesses processes which find your customers’ needs and wants are rapidly becoming the norm. Ensure happy customers and repeat business is surely the first rule of business and with online tracking this is rapidly becoming easier to do. As potential customers visit your website, many may become leads which later become sales and money in your account.

But what makes customers coming to your website convert? This is an important factor in deciding if your online marketing efforts are successful or not. With a huge range of analytical systems available, we take a look at the importance of tracking your online traffic and how to do it effectively.

Customer Trends

If you sell to consumers or to other businesses, your website is a great source of raw market research that can be used to track trends, see if your marketing is effective and tailor your approach.
Marketing is rapidly changing; unrecognisable from 50 years ago. It has always been about bridging the gap in your customer’s knowledge, letting them know that you exist and how they can make your life better or easier. Now you can see which elements are working the best, as online visitors turn to leads and conversions.

ResponseTap offers visitor level call tracking, which allows you to trace exactly where the lead called from. Did they find you organically on Google? Maybe they clicked a paid ad and wanted to find more information so picked up the phone. The beauty of this product is that you can seamlessly match up your online and offline leads, therefore allowing you to fully understand your profitable marketing campaigns.

Are Demographics Still Relevant?

Demographics still play a part in online marketing. A travel company spotted that Mac users on average spent 30% more on hotels than other operating systems. This led to the firm changing the hotels that Mac users see, showing them more elegant and expensive hotel options in an attempt to find their wealthy clientele and encourage them to spend more.

From prices to testimonials, finding and keeping a customer is difficult. The cost of acquiring a customer has increased and this has given tracking software relevancy and importance, allowing businesses to optimise their most profitable marketing streams.

Optimise Your Campaigns

Finding which part of your marketing campaign leads to most conversions is essential. Analytics plays a huge part of every online campaign, and seeing where your conversions are coming from has now become relatively straightforward. By using offline call tracking and Google Analytics, you can see how successful each piece of content from your website is at attracting visitors. Out of these visitors, finding out who converts and the pages they visit before and after is data that is invaluable.

If a certain landing page for one of your products is converting into sales, but another isn’t, compare the two and see if there is any difference. A missing call to action could be adversely affecting your conversion ratios and analytics can help you isolate your poorly performing pages.

Top tips for your online marketing campaign

So if you are sold on the idea of discovering your online visitor’s behaviour, tailor your approach to increase sales and ensure you follow these simple steps:

  • Monitor trends; find emerging products that are getting a lot of interest and keeping customer acquisition costs low.
  • Try to establish demographics, tailor your marketing and promotions to them and ensure you find and encourage high -spend customers to buy more.
  • Find your most successful campaigns and make them better. Find the poorly converting campaigns and try to replicate other successes.

Written by Jonathan on behalf of ResponseTap who are based in the UK and have recently expanded into the US.


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