The Ultimate Fitness Guide for Busy Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is hard.

There is rarely enough time to accomplish all your work let alone make time to get to the gym. Between the countless hours on your computer to the long, sleepless nights, there is very little time (and desire) left to get dressed and go to a public sweat box.


Even with time constraints and busy days, entrepreneurs need to be fit to maintain health. Some entrepreneurs like Tony Robbins exclaim fitness to be a necessity to ever entrepreneur’s success.

Being fit shows commitment, dedication, perseverance, and action— all qualities necessary to becoming successful at everything else in life.

On top of emulating success, improving your health and fitness status will also help increase productivity and energy to sustain the demanding entrepreneur lifestyle.

Here is the ultimate guide to staying fit as an entrepreneur.

Be Active Often

Sitting causes the body to go into a sedentary state. As an entrepreneur, it can require a lot of sitting at desks and anywhere you can get work done. Unfortunately, fast typing does nothing for cardiovascular fitness.

Choose to be active often. Every 30-45 minutes get up and stretch or do pushups (or burps if you are feeling really wild) for 5 minutes. Not only is it a nice mental break but it increases your body’s total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) helping you lose fat and even build muscle. It is much easier to do 5 minutes 5 times a day rather than 50 minutes all at once as a busy entrepreneur.

From doing your work on a treadmill to pull up bars on your doorways, being active often can be easily integrated into your day.

Train Hard at least Three Times a Week

Along with daily activity, you do need some form of resistance and cardio training but it doesn’t have to be at the gym.

Resistance training is is a form of exercise that improves muscular strength and endurance. During a resistance training workout, you move your limbs against resistance provided by your body weight, gravity, bands, weighted bars or dumbbells.

You can easily start with body weight exercises and then progress to weights. If you don’t have weights, use anything from water bottles to gallons of water for more resistance.

Since efficiency is key, here is a full body, 30 minute workout you can do 3 times a week:


Monday Wednesday Friday
Sit-to-stand 3 sets of 12 Step ups 2 sets of 15 Wide quick squats 1 set of 30
Reverse lunges 3 sets of 8 each leg Squat jumps 2 sets of 15 Pushups 4 sets of 8
Pushups 3 sets of 10 Dips on a couch 2 sets of 15 Planks 3 sets of 30 second holds
Burpees 3 sets of 12 Bird dogs 2 sets of 10 Burpees 2 sets of 15
Planks 3 sets of 30 second holds Side planks 2 sets of 15 second holds Reverse lunges 2 sets of 12 each leg


Make Fit Decisions

As tempting as it may be to take the path of least resistance— DON’T!

As an entrepreneur, you know that there is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs… literally and figuratively.

Instead of using the elevator, use the stairs.

Instead of parking close to your job or the store, park farther away.

Instead of letting your dogs out in the backyard, take them on daily walks.

Chose to make fit decisions in your day. They might sacrifice a few extra minutes but those extra minutes will benefit you in the long run in terms of longevity and quality of life.

If you love to work, you need a body that can keep up with your mindset and work ethic. Everyone loves the idea of being fit, much like people love the idea of being an entrepreneur.

Unfortunately, ideas are only 10% of the equation. The rest requires work.

Make fitness a part of your daily life and reap the rewards.



Chris Ruden has his bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion and is an entrepreneur, model, and motivational speaker. Despite his congenital birth defect leaving him with only two fingers on his left hand and a shorter left arm, he is an Elite Powerlifter that has type 1 diabetes and works on an insulin pump. He has broken a number of state “powerlifting” records in Texas and Florida and he is showing the world that LIMITATIONS ARE SELF IMPOSED!