Use Affiliate Marketing To Attract Customers Who Would Not Otherwise Find You

affiliate marketingAffiliate marketing has been one of the growth areas of the Web in recent years. Sellers of goods and services understand the power of third party endorsement and know that a concerted affiliate marketing campaign could reach many more potential clients than a simple in-house initiative ever could. Anyone involved in e-commerce should consider an affiliate program. If there’s a market for what you’re selling and you have a great USP then you simply need to switch on a family of clones, just like yourself, to help you out!

You can increase your sales potential exponentially by starting your own affiliate marketing program. Work out how much you’re willing to invest and understand that affiliate marketing compares very favorably to the costs of conventional advertising and marketing. Be prepared to “reward” your affiliates very well as they drive business to you.

Many promoters find it best to develop a multi-tiered approach. They will have a fundamental package or service at the front-end, which they are willing to use as something of a loss leader. This product or service will naturally lead to a more expensive product or service and on upward, in tiers. This will require a quite sophisticated sales content or pitch and there should be a natural progression to entice the purchaser of the leading product to buy the bigger package. Using this approach, you can offer a very significant commission to the affiliate to sell your lead-in product, maybe even 75% commission. This should definitely motivate the affiliate and if you have structured your sales funnel correctly you should be able to use the loss leader as an investment towards larger returns.

There are a number of affiliate marketing networks, some specialize in particular niches and others may specialize in upscale. A process of research will uncover the best according to your particular product or service. You will then have to register with the network and may likely have to lodge a certain amount of money representing a potential commission payment due from a sale. The advantage of these networks is that they have a whole host of affiliates lined up and ready to promote your service. Make your pitch enticing to the affiliates and use the power of their own networks to drive sales back through.

Remember that you will have to create sales copy, banner ads and e-mail content for your affiliates to use. The easier you make it for them to promote your site and services the more success you will attain. Remember also that you do not want your message to be doctored by affiliates who do not have the correct amount of information, so you should be sure that your collateral is on target before you sign up with the network.

Have you used Affiliate Marketing to attract customers?

Adam Toren

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