How to Use Hyper Local Media to Boost Your Family Business

Hyper local marketing is all about building relationships and driving sales. Through capitalising on local social media channels and search traffic, you can quickly establish brand recognition within any customer demographic. By targeting a specific geographic area, such as a suburb, you are identifying yourself within your locality. Most customers turn to their favorite search engine or top Facebook pages and groups when they are looking for a specific product. The days of the yellow-pages are gone. Connect with your customers on a personal level, establishing your sincerity and strength in business, and you will have a reliable customer base with steady growth.

Take Your Business Online

Every business needs a website which is optimised for social networks, mobile traffic and keywords. All search terms which would lead your customers to find you should be covered extensively. Search engine optimisation is critical to ranking for any local search terms. Marketing services are affordably priced and scale to the size of your business. Just starting out? It won’t cost much to target your demographic using a hyperlocal search strategy. It is much easier to rank within a low competition market than it is to rank globally. Focus on the area, landmarks in the area, interest groups and zip codes. Grow your site on a daily basis. A little work will pay off quicker than you think.

Social Media Presence

Growing your audience via Facebook and Twitter is an extremely fruitful exercise. You know your demographic better than anyone, which makes it easy to isolate groups and pages of interest where locals share news and views. Get involved in online communities and share insight from your chosen field. Advice, promotions and detailed industry studies make for great content online. Shorten lengthy discourses into infographics and branch out to video creation if you can. Once you find the medium which works best with local groups and pages, you will have found a goldmine. Stay persistent and test more than one means of advertising, social media can be fickle.

Put Your Family Business in Motion

Whether you are a cutting-edge salon or a freelance stylist with your own unique flair, focusing on a local market will bring business. Family businesses will find exceptional value in establishing an online presence. Without a platform to inform others that you are a family run business, you lose many inherent benefits. As a family, you immediately convey sincerity and integrity of trade. This goes a long way towards establishing trust with your customers from the get-go. Always protect your interests, no matter the size of your business. To prove the point that it’s not just large businesses that should be insured, obscure policies like this hairdressing insurance from AXA exist to other micro and small enterprises. Even freelance professionals can protect their interests. Grow with a strategy in mind and your business is destined for success.



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