Video Collaboration Tool for Business Team Discussion

Collaboration has always been an important part of business, whether that collaboration is occurring between coworkers or with business partners thousands of miles away. Until recently, no form of conferencing, such as phone or email, could match the deep understanding to be gained by meeting face-to-face.

All methods of remote conferencing, such as phone and email, were too impersonal. After all, over 50 percent of communication is non-verbal, and all that valuable communicative content was being lost when attempting a conference with people via remote technologies.

In the last few years, though, the revolutionary innovation of professional video collaboration softwares (PVCS) like BlueJeans Remote Communication Tools have combined the best of both worlds; BlueJeans and other similar companies makes collaboration as personal as an in-person meeting and as convenient as a remote meeting. Listed below are a few more specific benefits that come with using the technology.

  • Time-Saving – The most obvious upside of utilizing PVCS rather than both face-to-face and other forms of remote meetings is that it is a huge time-saver. When you want to collaborate with someone in person, you have travel time and getting settled in the actual meeting space to consider. Whether the other party is just a few city clocks away or across the ocean, this is a huge waste of time and resources. Forms of remote meeting are less time-efficient that video collaboration as well. This is because much of the meaning behind each message given during the meeting is lost when using non-video forms of remote meeting such as phone or instant messaging. Less effective communication means a lower time to productivity ratio.
  • Mobile – Especially in the last few years, PVCS developers have really kicked up their games by developing and perfecting mobile apps for their services. More mobile apps means more freedom for the collaborators to work where they want, from their home offices to comfy seats at their favorite coffee shops. Increased happiness leads to more upbeat and productive meetings. Most PVCS available on all mobile devices, including iPhone and Android devices.
  • Detailed – PVCSs are not just more expensive remakes of a video chat software; they are packed with features that will help your collaborators network and achieve maximum productivity. In fact, modern PVCS are often hailed as enabling a deeper and more informative form of communication than actually meeting in person can. This is because of all the features, such as real-time graphic creation and anonymous poll-taking, which are designed to serve as communication aids and seamlessly integrated into the interface.
  • Intuitive – Several years ago, remote desktop connection software like PVCS was only very usable by the most tech-savvy business people, because the interfaces were generally very complicated and hard to maneuver. Almost all modern PVCS providers, however, have developed slick and easy-to-use UIs that even the least techy among us could figure out effortlessly.
  • Relievable – Another feature available in all PVCS is the ability to record all of the collaborators’ interactions. It is a good practice for people who attended the session to go back through the events afterwards and review any salient points made, as it will often deepen understanding of what went on. If, for whatever reason, one of the collaborators misses a meeting, he or she can relive it and gain a solid grasp of what transpired. Finally, disagreements about exactly who did or said what during the meeting can be mediated by examining a 100 percent accurate account of exactly what happened.
  • Simple – If you’ve ever taken part in a group project that spanned more than one meeting, you know that it often takes forever to figure out times that will work for everyone, and even once you do, it is virtually impossible to ensure everyone actually attends the meeting at the agreed-upon time. Scheduling is frequently a huge pain, but it becomes effortless when using PVCS. Online forms designed specifically for the purpose of determining a good meeting time for everyone are distributed to the entire group and can be edited in real time. Thanks to PVCS’s developed mobile capabilities, collaborators can fill in a time that is good for them, as well as view the changes made by others, from wherever they want. It is also easy for members to distribute messages to the rest of the group, so everyone will become quickly aware if someone will not be able to attend a planned session.

Many of the tech world’s megastars, such as Bill Gates and Tim Cook, CEOs of Microsoft and Apple, have already picked up on the enormous potential of PVCS and have included it as important parts of their operating systems. The rest of the business world has, as of late, been catching up with the trend. Don’t miss out; you too can help usher in the new age of tech.


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