A Visual Guide to Influencer Marketing – Infographic

If you want to get the best out of your content and have fallen short then consider influencer marketing.

Beware influencer marketing can get you results but it needs great content that can get the attention of a busy entrepreneur or two.

If you wanted to go see the Pyramids of Egypt you are probably going to need help. There is no reason you can’t do it alone; it’s just going to cost you more time and money.

Here is an awesome infographic on Influencer Marketing created by eBrandz.com that covers all aspects of the process.

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The smart way to go about with influencer marketing is taking a step by step approach.


Step 1: Create awesome content.

There is no substitute for awesome content. Content that helps the target audience solve a problem, learn something and provide a guide or tips.

Step 2: Find an Influencer who produces similarly awesome content.

Hopefully, they are easy to work with. Don’t reach out to “Top-Tier” influencers like Neil Patel or Pat Flynn as they are online superheroes and would probably not have time for the 100 such requests that come to them every day.

Step 3: Go to town promoting your content, the side-kick moment – enjoy it.

Don’t forget to thank the mentor endlessly for their time and effort.

Influencer marketing is about the relationship, don’t treat it as a transaction. It is easier to beat somebody else’s trumpet than your own, as long as the music is good. Create great content consistently and be patient. Don’t go to the same influencer time and again; find new ones to work with to cover uncharted territory. You will learn a ton by working on your own and you will learn even more with an influencer in a short time period. Good luck with your influencer marketing campaign.