Why Jeanne Rowzee Believes Mandatory Volunteering Hours Should Be Implemented Across All High Schools

When it comes to the mandatory curriculum for high school students, one could argue that the most crucial topics are addressed. After all, every student will have to spend a lot of time taking courses on writing, math, natural and political sciences, and so on. That way, they should possess the essential abilities to find jobs or, more commonly, go to college to get a degree. 

In terms of practical knowledge, however, saying that there is an obvious lack of real-world experiences would not exactly be a far-reaching statement. In fact, most high schools do not offer any type of real-world experience to the students who are trying to learn how to become useful citizens of society. Due to this, their first jobs or transitions to college will frequently be disastrous. So, how can this problem be resolved? Well, a great way to address this deficiency is to implement mandatory volunteering hours for every student. 

Teaches Responsibility and Accountability

Jeanne Rowzee states that by mandating that every student spends a few hours of their time volunteering, the schools will be taking a new approach to teaching responsibility and accountability. This is because most volunteering experiences are structured in the exact same way as regular, full-time jobs. In other words, students will have to show up at a specified hour and spend a predetermined amount of time completing tasks that were assigned to them. 

Afterward, their performance would be reviewed, and constructive criticism provided. So, while there would generally be no grades, one’s effort would still get quantified to better determine if they truly dedicated themselves to the venture. 

Shows the Importance of Hard Work

As practically everyone knows, volunteering will not come with any pay as the student is doing something for their personal purposes, not financial gain. Due to this, there is no reason to drag the project out as much as possible. Doing so would just mean that one will have to spend more of their days completing this endeavor. And given high schoolers’ busy schedules, such a commitment is generally not very convenient. 

Well, according to an experienced volunteer who has a passion for helping others, Jeanne Rowzee, the easiest way to do something faster is to work harder. This goes back to the popular saying “quality over quantity.” In other words, an hour of hard work will usually result in the same productivity level and output as multiple hours of average work. 

Helps the Community Develop

Although volunteering indeed provides a lot of important benefits that will help the person grow from within, it also helps the community. Just consider, for example, the types of projects that tend to ask for volunteers. Usually, these are jobs that take place in medical institutions, food pantries, and so on. Therefore, people who are looking to volunteer will be giving a hand to individuals in need. As normal as this may seem, it can perpetuate an incredible level of growth within the community and help people overcome the adversity that they are facing. 

Builds Connections

According to Jeanne Rowzee, one of the most common questions that come up in job interviews or job applications revolves around volunteering. The reason why is that prospective employers are curious about learning how someone spent their free time. If they used it to help others whenever possible, they will probably have much higher odds of getting hired. 

Moreover, prior volunteering experience will help enrich someone’s network of people that can be used later on in the hiring process. After all, character references are always great to have and there is seldom a better person to write one than someone who the candidate volunteered for. 

Provides Satisfaction and Purpose

In the end, it is important to recognize that volunteering will help someone feel very accomplished and satisfied with themselves. Even though this is not a primary or even secondary objective of the venture, it still exists. In fact, some people only volunteer because they like to feel like they went above and beyond for others. This is perfectly fine as the outcome will still be the same in terms of human capital and manpower. 

Not to forget, volunteering can be a great tool to help someone find a purpose in their life. So, high school students who may still not know what to do after graduation could benefit from a real-world job because it may give them insight into their own preferences and professional opportunities. 

Fortunately, anyone who may be interested in volunteering will seldom have any issues finding the right engagement as there are much more opportunities than interested students. This also means that someone should have no trouble finding an available volunteering chance in an area that truly interests them.


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