Why Native SEOs are the Best SEOs

If there is one thing to learn about using SEO agencies is that all SEO agencies are not the same! And choosing the wrong SEO outfit can be disastrous – just as finding the right one can be the best thing you ever did.

Unless you have been living on the moon for the last 15 years, the one thing you might have realised is that the many (many, many) SEO Agencies that contact us – mostly out of the blue – are not based in your home country. In itself – not a problem. But here is where it becomes a problem: to be a really good SEO Agency (specifically an SEO Agency iin Singapore), it really needs to employ native speakers in the native language of your markets.


Well the art and science of SEO requires mastery in the subtleties of language in order to be effective, add value and increase our exposure. Your SEO Agency must be solution-makers, not order-takers. Their experience should guide you, as their client, in teasing out (from the billions of possible options) the right keywords, placement and densities of keywords and make-up of long-tail anchors. It’s all in the language. Only experts who have native knowledge of your language and dialects can do that.

Non-native speakers rely on data from publicly available sources. Data only tells use what currently works, not what might have a better impact in the future and enable us to build an advantage over our aggressive competition with deeper pockets.

And another thing. Your SEO Agency really must have local knowledge of the use (or potential use) of your products. It’s no good if some SEO ‘expert’ hasn’t the foggiest idea of what your product is, and how it is used, and then expect them to construct a SEO campaign that is on the money. The only one who will be on the money in that situation is the SEO Agency themself. We should all expect our SEO Agency to add value in finding neat opportunities for SEO from product knowledge.

For example, Toni Marino, an award-winning SEO Manchester, uses local-knowledge in domestic markets to create campaigns based on data AND creative content. He doesn’t use a cookie-cutter approach. Because Toni can intimately understand his client’s products and markets, he is able to build optimized campaigns quickly, rather than using the trial-and-error approach employed by most agencies (frustratingly.) This explains why Toni has some amazing big-brands on his books.

Native SEOs build relationships. And this is their greatest advantage. A relationship based on open discussion, trust and deeper personal connectivity (when compared to some faceless SEO who sits behind an email address) pays dividends when their clients are introducing new products into their markets, or undergoing a rebrand, because there is a high-degree of intelligent guesswork in setting up the campaign. To reduce the risk, time and cost of such an endeavour, only SEO Agencies who have a strong relationship with their clients can communicate collaboratively and hit the home-run earlier. Wouldn’t you rather go for a coffee with your SEO Agency, when planning a major launch, rather than suffer the long-winded to-and-fro by email?


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