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What Makes You So Special?

What causes people to want to hire you for your services, use your product, visit your website, or read your blog?  Whatever industry you’re in, there’s little doubt you have some form of competition.  So why is what you offer different enough to make people choose you over someone else?  A lot of people try […]

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30 Days to Pumped Up Blog Traffic

It’s pretty much universally accepted these days that having a blog is a smart move for any business.  And because just about everyone understands that, just about everyone (and their uncle) has a blog.  What that means is that the competition for traffic to your blog is strong and growing on a daily basis.  After […]

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Building a Brand? Join the Crowd!

Most start-ups and entrepreneurs will by now have heard of “Crowdsourcing.” It is the Web 2.0 phenomenon that sounds almost too good to be true. It’s a simple way to find hundreds, even thousands of contractors who are on hand, ready and willing to work for your company. Crowdsourcing typically involves outsourcing a range of […]

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7 Tips for Kick-Butt Blog Writing

Far different from book or other formal writing, writing for a blog requires its own specific set of skills. And once you’ve got them down pat, you’ll be able to produce sparkling, original, copy that will keep your readers coming back for more. There are tons of books and sites devoted to writing great content, […]

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How to Generate More Referral Business

Getting new business is a constant struggle for many small companies. A lot of companies market aggressively and spend a lot of money to increase brand awareness and reel new customers in. Marketing is certainly important, but when you’re an entrepreneur on a tight budget, it’s also important to make sure you’re getting the best […]

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