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3 Advantages of Introducing Bitcoin in your Business

Since the introduction of cashless policies in modern economic spheres, many countries, as well as businesses, are adopting every avenue available for their transactions. These policies have numerous benefits as opposed to transacting with physical denominations. One particular cashless type of operation is the use of cryptocurrencies. They provide the most efficient and convenient mode […]

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The Key to Trading

For many day traders there is no pinnacle secret to getting rich! It’s ludicrous to think that there is only one way that allows you to achieve the promised land of profits, boats and fast cars. Then again, perhaps that’s not entirely true. There may be one secret that will unlock untold riches, peace of […]

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7 Keys to Great Customer Service

Every company promises great customer service. But how many deliver it? Being one that does can make your business successful, so make sure you follow these tips and put yourself ahead of the pack. 1. Make It a Priority The most important step in great customer service is making sure you value customer service. Don’t […]

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How to Future-Proof Your FileMaker Apps

When building a new FileMaker app, it’s important to make sure that it will make sense in the future, not just in the immediate circumstances. True, sometimes you just need to get something up and running as quickly as possible in order to solve an internal problem that the organization is facing, but if you’re […]

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Be Vigilant: Buy Bitcoin From Trusted Merchants

As it appears, since its launch a decade ago, Bitcoin has continued to the most successful and fast-growing cryptocurrency available. This digital currency has been accepted by different businesses, industries, and individuals as a mode of payment. Using BTC makes you part of this great revolution in the digital currency. Like physical money, you could […]

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