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Amazon Hunts for New Drivers

The practice of ordering online and having goods delivered in super fast time has grown reached enormous proportions. Everything from fast food to clothes, toys, and beds can now be ordered online and delivered either the same day or the next. This has created a demand for more and more drivers, with giants like Amazon […]

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How to Protect Your Business and Its Employees

Being an entrepreneur can be exciting, fun, challenging, and overwhelming all in the same day. The rewards outweigh the frustrations but with careful planning and organization you can remove some stressful situations.  The type of situations that keep entrepreneurs up at night are endless. Run your business endeavors the smart way from day one.  Below […]

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How to Plan a Fundraiser

Fundraisers provide a valuable opportunity for any business or nonprofit. If you’re a business, they help you market your company. If you’re a non-profit, they help you raise awareness for a cause. Besides these blessings, they also help you raise money, which is the main reason you’re planning one in the first place. The funds […]

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