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The 7 Contract Mistakes Most New Entrepreneurs Make

All new entrepreneurs need to draw up contracts to be successful, whether it’s cementing partnerships or engaging a client in a long-term deal. However, contracts can be messy and complicated for new entrepreneurs. Too often, they take shortcuts or overestimate their abilities, ultimately resulting in flawed contracts or major mistakes that interfere with their future […]

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3 steps to marketing a niche business

When it comes to finding space in a crowded marketplace, sometimes a simple business model is the most elegant solution. And finding your niche is easier if you either produce unique products and services — or you outperform competitors on price or quality. Focusing on a highly specialised offering means that there’s little margin for […]

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3 services successful startups can outsource

Keeping a tight control of expenditure is essential for any startup seeking sustained success. But taking on too many duties yourself isn’t wise — APA research shows that multi-tasking has a negative effect on productivity. Some outgoings are essential if you want to get a business off the ground — but others might be unnecessary […]

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