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How to Start a Business Right after College

Despite uncertain political and economic times, recent research shows that 70 percent of college grads would prefer to start their own business rather than seek employment. Graduates who have spent years developing skills and knowledge in their chosen field of expertise may well have the edge when it comes to entrepreneurial competition. The majority of […]

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Top 5 Health and Safety Tips for Small Business

Unlike large enterprises, small businesses don’t have many employees to care for. However, they still face similar health and safety challenges. But when managing a small enterprise, many people overlook the health and safety basics. Unfortunately, safety issues for small companies are hard to handle because of budget constraints. Even so, these companies still should […]

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Taking Steps Toward Small Business Funding

Being an entrepreneur is an exciting moment of triumph. Your great idea and ingenuity are offering the world a new product and solving problems consumers didn’t even realize they had. You are seizing the moment to build your future and join a host of professionals who have helped to keep the American economy healthy. Before […]

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