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How Your Business Can Attract Gen Zers in 2019

When it comes to getting Gen Zers interested in your business, there always seem to be so many challenges. Already, millennials were hard enough to market to, with values so different from traditional consumers’, but that’s nothing compared to marketing to this younger generation. Gen Zers, on the one hand, are resistant to traditional marketing, […]

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Tips for Setting Up An Online E-Commerce Shop

As long as people do their shopping online, then e-commerce sites will continue to thrive. Anyone with a brick-and-mortar store can tap into the benefits of selling merchandise to thousands (if not millions). What determines a successful e-commerce site is the attention they put into the website’s construction.     Just like setting up a physical shop, […]

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How Do You Market Vaping Products?

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur who is looking to sell or advertise vaping products, or you are a smoker who is looking to use e-cigarettes as a way of stopping smoking for good, it is worth knowing that international e-cigarette regulation is changing – and impacting the way in which vaping products […]

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5 Creative Ideas For Coffee Packaging

The packaging of coffee and many other consumable products is as important as the products themselves. Factually, a particular packaging option is needed for almost every product you’re willing to showcase in the marketplace and oftentimes, it seems complex to create the best designs for your chosen packaging option. Even if you’ve the roaster with […]

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