Making the Right Impression: Why Your Business Needs to Invest In Property Maintenance

Making the right impression on a customer takes more than a friendly voice on the telephone when they call. The right impression means the company’s office, warehouse, or storefront should be as appealing as possible. Besides appealing to a customer, the value of the property will be increased or hold its current value. Repairs that are not performed will lead to higher costs down the road as the building begins to deteriorate. Does the business really have a desire to make as much money as possible? If the business has this mindset, they will invest in the current building to create the right impression on a customer and the employees.

What’s The Big Deal?

The big deal about property maintenance is about whether a business survives today’s changing economic conditions. A shopping center landlord cannot rent or lease space to a business when the parking lot drains are clogged or not working properly. A potential tenant will not rent a space that could be damaged by floodwaters and jeopardize their customers’ safety. Stormwater management in today’s uncertain weather patterns is crucial. Although the property hasn’t been flooded for the last 50 years doesn’t mean it can’t be flooded after a sudden downburst. Determining the best stormwater management involves more than being sure the water is going down the drain in the parking lot.

Stormwater management considers roof water and any other surfaces that collect water that enters a drain. A civil engineer can perform a site evaluation and determine the best course of action for dealing with a water problem in the area. If a business currently has a water problem or is concerned about one in the future, they can find out the answers they need by contacting If stormwater is a problem for a municipal waste disposal company, a civil engineer will provide them with the technical information they need.

What In The World Can A Building Maintenance Company Do?

A building doesn’t operate by itself any more than a business can. Maintenance of a building includes plumbing, drywall repair, electrical, painting, grounds keeping, snow removal, and cleaning. Property maintenance is very different from property management. Property maintenance includes safety checks, repairs throughout, cleaning and replacing HVAC filters, repairs after flooding, and more.

Parking lots and pavement restoration is very important to a customer’s attitude about business. It’s one of the first things customers see when visiting a business. Cracked pavement and potholes mean there’s a problem with the drainage under the asphalt or concrete. When this damage happens to a parking lot, a business will have to contact a civil engineering company to assess the current pavement situation and decide the best restoration or maintenance process. The engineering company should handle the project from beginning to end, easing stress felt by the customer. No customer wants to drive through a flooded parking lot to get to a store. When flooding is present, the customer will simply go to a competitor’s location.

Shopping Center Expansions

Owning a shopping center is a big responsibility. The various tenants in the building and all the customers who will visit the shopping center deserve to be provided with a safe area. This includes lights that are properly grounded, parking lots that drain properly, sturdy buildings, and pleasant experience. As a business grows, the space they have might be too small and need to be expanded. A civil engineering company can evaluate the current situation of the business and provide solid ideas to choose from. Expanding a business might include determining the property line of the parcel. These engineers can turn technically challenging information into an easier description for a business to understand. They can work closely with an owner and provide all the options available for the owner to choose from.

A property maintenance company is more than the price. A reputable company might be a little higher in price, but the services received might be much better than a lower-priced maintenance company. A company that pays attention to detail is much better than a company that rushes a customer through and refuses to pay attention to minor details that can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of additional damage. Evaluating a company’s references and personally speaking with some of its customers is very important when choosing a property maintenance company.

Municipal Buildings Require Some TLC

Although a building and the infrastructure of a municipal building might last for a long time, conditions will eventually require updating of the building, property, and infrastructure. This could include a new sewer system, extension of a park road, updating windows in a historical building, repair of the bricks, stone, or mortar, and so much more. These sturdy buildings require regular maintenance so they can last for the next 200 years. Repointing stones or bricks requires the experience and training of a civil engineer. A building that has old mortar from the early 1900s needs a very different mortar than a building from the 1950s. Installation of the wrong mortar can cause damage to the brick, block, and structural features of a building.


A business need also includes a warehouse to store products until they can hit a storefront. A warehouse can be designed to house merchandise, an office, and provide a lunch area for the employees to enjoy during their downtime. The lunch area might even include an outdoor patio for employees to enjoy the sunshine on a nice day. The engineering will suggest features that will work the best for the employees, and the owner can determine if they’re willing to accept them.

Whatever type of business you own, thinking about owning, or need to repair, hiring a reputable maintenance company is key to having the best place possible. When a business is properly maintained, there will be fewer repair surprises and higher customer satisfaction. Reducing customer frustration, improving sales and income, and providing an outstanding experience for a customer benefit a quality property maintenance company can provide.


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