Understanding the Many Practical Uses of Voice Transcription Technology

Video and audio files offer more sensory appeal to different types of audiences. However, there are also people who are not receptive to visual and auditory presentations. They prefer to read and digest the information. Businesses handling tons of media files, as well as specific businesses, such as medical, education, media, and legal services also need written texts of their audio and video files.  

Transcription started a long time ago, around 3400 BCE in fact, yet many companies put too little importance to the service. They do not think that it will be useful to their business, or that they can go a long way to reach people who are hard of hearing, for example, and people who need written documents to finish their work, or use them as reference.

Practical uses of transcription

Voice transcription has many uses, which some people tend to overlook. Transcriptions are very useful for many reasons, the bottomline being that they add value to a business concern.

Here are some examples of the many practical uses of voice transcription:

  • You get written text documents of the speeches given at your conference. Hosting a conference is a huge marketing investment. Company executives, invited guests and resource persons typically give speeches to motivate and inspire. They may share valuable experiences and tips. While the speeches may be prepared beforehand, speakers tend to use them as guide, and add more information and words of wisdom when they are on stage. Having a transcript of these speeches provide you with more personal insights and knowledge that you can use later.  
  • Transcribed speeches are useful for press releases. You usually host a conference to announce new company milestones, launch new products, and present new investments and acquisitions. Transcriptions provide you with an accurate record of the conference proceedings, which you can later edit and distribute to media outlets, to see to it that the salient points are included and the information is consistent, to avoid misquotes and misheard information.
  • Reach more visitors to your website. Video and audio materials enhance user experience. However, not all users have fast and steady internet connection. Video and audio files are larger and slow to load when there’s slow connection, prompting them to leave your site. Moreover, search engines rely on written content, so transcriptions of your voice files will boost your website’s ranking, as your keywords will be displayed and read by visitors, as well as search engine bots.
  • You get all the details discussed during meetings correctly. Secretaries today record the meetings instead of taking down notes. Transcribing the minutes of the meeting ensures that you can get a written copy of everything that you have discussed. A professional transcriptionist using a robust voice transcription software can have your minutes ready within a short time. You can share the transcription among all participants so they can see all the actionable items.

There are more applications, such as those for court proceedings and hearings, HR grievances, focus groups and market research, subtitling, and dubbing as well as translation.


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