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How to Grow Your Business at a Fast Pace

Businesses are handling large amounts of data every day. The data enables them to make decisions. These decisions need to be fast and effective. For businesses, today speed means much more than perfection. Customers respond better when their needs are met right away as opposed to a delay in response. Lingering decisions only backpedal your […]

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Ways to Motivate Your Employees

Unhappy staff don’t perform. Staff who don’t feel valued will do the bare minimum to get by. The flip side of that coin is that happy staff who know they are appreciated and feel their efforts are well received will pull out the stops to ensure task completion (with a smile!). Let’s look at ways […]

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How to Use Loyalty Data to Boost Engagement for Personalized Emails?

Ecommerce optimizations hang on, making a consumer/client feel unique and valued via personalization. Research conducted by Segmentify shows that 74% of customers or clients feel disappointed or annoyed when web content is not customized. What is more, almost 62 percent say that they look forward to businesses customizing email offers and discounts; it depends on their previous […]

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The Rise of Super Jobs

Michael Stephan, a principal and human capital leader in Deloitte, discussed how HR leaders can prepare for technological disruption and automation in the workplace. He also talked about the potential challenges that HR managers can face with the rise of ‘super job’ and its effect on the workplace.  The interview with Michael Stephan provides the […]

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Five Lessons From Amicable Divorces

What does really an amicable divorce mean?  An amicable divorce literally means a civil divorce where each party agrees to property division. This property division may include spousal and child support, custody, and visitation. An amicable divorce is just like an uncontested divorce. So why does a couple end up in an amicable divorce? Well, […]

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