3 ways to look after your business

Update August 19, 2020: This article was originally posted in November of 2018 before the emergence of COVID-19 and its crippling effects on businesses worldwide. Now more then ever, Americans are turning to online avenues to borrow money. Because of this phenomenon, many title loan lenders have adapted to the “new normal” and have begun to offer title loans online to borrowers that qualify. Leading the charge is Titlelo.com, which from its inception focused on providing online title loans. In 2018, Fintech startups were poised to conquer the title loan market but because of the swift reorganization of various lenders, Fintech startups will find it harder to “disrupt” this ever-changing market.

Every building needs a strong foundation. Businesses are the same. But instead of concrete, you must establish excellent security standards that will help your business withstand any conditions. Start with NordLocker, an encryption tool that you can use on Windows and Mac. Download it for free.

Entrepreneurs spend a lot of time generating new ideas and developing them into a tangible, successful business. It makes sense that the least they’d want is for their projects to be stolen or exposed too early. Here are three ways to ensure your ideas stay with you until you are ready to share them. 

1. Use a password manager

Have you ever felt lazy about creating a password and reused an old one? We’ve all done that, even though we knew full well how dangerous that is. Better, create a complex passphrase and forget all your other passwords. It’s so much easier this way. Now all of your note-taking apps, calendars, and emails are much more secure.

2. Secure your cloud with encryption

The general rule is this: the more convenient something is, the more dangerous it is for your privacy. And cloud computing is super convenient — Google and Apple upload photos and documents from every device automatically. But is it safe? Hardly. In fact, we’ve seen too many examples of the case being the opposite. What you should do instead is turn off auto-synchronization, get encryption software like NordLocker, and encrypt files before you upload them to the cloud. Don’t worry, with NordLocker managing and sharing data is as easy as moving stuff from one Windows folder to another. But it’s much more secure. Plus, you can use NordLocker for free. 

3. Use two-factor authentication

Wherever you can, you should use 2FA. You can use it as an app on your phone or a physical device that you plug into any device. Both are great in terms of protection because even if someone gets to your password, they won’t be able to access your account. 

We know, when you’re trying to build a business, encryption is not what you want to be concerned about. But you should. As soon as your idea gains traction, there will be someone looking for vulnerabilities in your system. Not thinking about security from the start is like giving hackers the key to your safe.


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