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Pros and Cons of Online Lending Platforms

Thanks to the internet many services and products became more convenient. Simple things like going to the supermarket can now be done online. Online shops are booming as the internet brings availability to a whole new level. Since so many services are available on the net it shouldn’t come as a surprise that lending services […]

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10 Characteristics of High Potential Employees

If you are searching for excellent employees, you should select people who can master new skills, improve leadership, accept feedback, and motivate their colleagues. A high-quality employee should help a business retain loyal customers. Dedicated workers will increase a company’s revenue and offer new ideas.  If a business hires a non-commital employee, this can influence […]

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Ways the Digital World Is Simplifying E-Commerce

These days, with the ubiquity of online shopping, it can seem downright ludicrous that a sizeable chunk of professionals in the financial sector thought that e-commerce would never be a true rival of brick and mortar stores. Things like the risk of fraud, perceived vulnerability of personal information, and just general unsophistication of the online […]

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How the Raven Scanner can Digitize Your Business

Despite living in the electronic age, many of us still get flooded with important paper documents. For some businesses, forms, receipts, contacts, and other kinds of documentation constantly need to be recorded and organized. Traditional file storage and organization work, but they are time-consuming, take up valuable space, and make it difficult to locate the […]

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