4 simple ways to show your employees you care

These days the role of a boss is very different. Bosses are no longer expected to be hiding away in big board rooms, surrounded by a close-knit team of lawyers and financial minds, where the only time you hear from them is either when it’s bad news or if they’re sending out their annual Christmas card. These days, bosses are seen to be on the floor, working hard to build relationships with their employees, finding ways to boost morale and keep productivity high. All the while, giving a face to their title of CEO. 

While it’s important to build strong relationships as a boss and employer. Actions speak louder than words and showing your employees that you care will go a lot further than simply striding around the office and keeping an eye on the stationary supplies. Read on for 4 simple ways to show your employees that you genuinely care.

Keep their safety a priority

When your employees feel safe and they know that they’re considered a priority, they work harder and productivity increases. Keeping your employees safe means the correct use of signs throughout the workplace – check out my safety sign if you’re looking to update your workplace signs – as well as regular safety training, the supply of first aid and fire equipment and regular health and safety assessments. Create an open-door policy, where your employees feel happy to raise their safety concerns and any ideas to help improve health and safety in your business.

Promote happiness amongst staff 

When you have members of staff that dread heading into work each day, then they’re not going to be working to their full potential and may struggle to make any kind of effort. This is detrimental to not only the everyday life of that employee but discontentment in the workplace can spread quickly, leading to dissatisfaction in other areas of your business. Enforce strong policies against bullying and make sure all staff know that nastiness in the workplace goes against your company ethos and won’t be tolerated. Ensure that all managers are trained in how to deal with these kinds of issues and promote an atmosphere where employees are encouraged to talk about their issues.

Create a positive working environment 

Creating a workspace that has everything your employees need to work efficiently, will only increase productivity and in turn, show that you care! Ergonomic chairs, office plants, plenty of natural light, somewhere to securely store their personal items and a fully kitted outbreak area that allows them to take their breaks away from their desks or customers – these are all effective additions to your business. Encourage regular breaks too! 

Demonstrate respect 

When you respect your employees, you clearly care for them. So, set a good example by treating all your employees and any visitors to the building with respect. Encourage a working environment where employees can express their ideas and opinions and show that you value them. Be mindful of your body language and the tone of your voice whenever conversing with your employees.


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