Ahead of the curve: how to sell more effectively than the rest online

As we enter the 2020s there can be no doubt that the internet has become the world’s go-to option when it comes to buying many items. Whether for efficiency, price, or the ability to find things not locally available, millions have switched to buying online over the past decade. If you, therefore, are in the business of selling items online, there is no doubt you are selling in the right place. But how do you make your wares stand out in an increasingly crowded market? Read on for our top tips on how to stay ahead of the curve.

Choose either the biggest or the best marketplace for your product

There are many products which have their own specialist websites for resale. This is especially true of hobbies such as Lego, which has a devoted resale site. If you are looking to sell any items which are in this category it can be very worth looking across the web to see where the best prices are away from the obvious choices.

However, with the vast majority of products, the best choices will be either eBay or, coming to dominate the market over the last few years, Amazon.  With over 2.9 million active sellers at the start of this year Amazon is the biggest marketplace in the world, with global reach and shipping networks, meaning it is pretty sure to be the default option for most buyers.

React to the choices of buyers

It can be frustrating to buy in a set of products you are hoping will sell at a higher price only to find that they are steadfastly ignored by the customers you hope to attract, who instead buy from someone else at a lower price. When this is happening it is important to see how many your competitor has in stock and whether by holding out you are going to be the best option very soon. This way, you’ll be able to sell at your desired price, or decipher whether or not it is better to lower your prices, avoid a loss, and think of the next best product to sell.

It is also crucial to work out which of the products you stock sell best, and if there are certain times that they sell best – for example if you sell household appliances, do you experience a spike every year at the start of the university term time as millions of young adults move to a new residence and need to restock on essential utilities? Keep a digital diary and consider how best to buy ahead for the next time events come around.

Find a service to improve your gains on deals

There is always a deal happening somewhere on the internet. Using a smart service such as Search Mogul will let you keep on top of them. These services do deep research into a huge range of brands, and can help you to take advantage of insights in order to help you sell on cheaply bought high value products. This, in turn, allows your buyers to save on the full price while still netting yourself a tidy profit – by doing this continuously, you’ll always be ahead of the curve in your sales strategies.


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