1 Quick Tip To Get More ReviewMe Reviews

After having just posted a new review, I wanted to share with you the 1 way in which I managed to increase my exposure on ReviewMe.com – generating more visitors by site referral and resulting in a review (although I can’t 100% guarantee it was because of this hack). If you don’t know what ReviewMe is, check out my post on it (which I was paid for unlike this).

Yesterday, I logged into my control panel and wanted to see which blogs I was competing against. The only way in which I could search through similar blogs (unlike the navigation at TLA), was to click on a “tag”. Now these tags are sized and coloured depending on their popularity. The idea:

Why not then add the tag to your blog listing which is the most popular one?
At ReviewMe, this happens to be the tag “Blogs” at the time of writing. Thus, I added this tag to my listing. Another idea, remove all tags on your listing other than the most popular ones (ie. don’t over-optimize and carpet bomb with tagging). I’m pretty sure the site will rank your listing higher if you use less tags (again Im not completely sure on this).

Anyway, this morning I received an email saying that a review had just been ordered for this site. Coincidence? You decide…

P.S. At the moment ReviewMe.com are offering a 50% discount on any review for advertisers this month. Fortunately, us bloggers will be receiving 100% of this price (but that equates to the same amount – its just that RM.com will get no money). Just enter the word “trial” into the coupon code at checkout.

Disclaimer – I’m not trying to tell people to cheat the system. For example with me, I previously had a tag for just “Blog”. Therefore, I added an s and changed this to “Blogs” to compete with the most popular tag. If you feel there is a popular tag that describes your site well then by all means add it. If it doesn’t – then don’t use the tag and search for another phrase that does go well. Sorry didn’t make that more clear.

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