10 Game Changing Startups That Entrepreneurs Need To Know About

10 Game Changing Startups That Entrepreneurs Need To Know About

1. Modern Guild

College is about finding yourself, but it’s also a massive investment and difficult undertaking. Modern Guild is built around helping students avoid the uncertainty of higher education and directing their efforts toward a tangible goal. In these tough financial times, services like Modern Guild are in high demand because the objective of college is ultimately to minimize its financial burden through loans and family support.

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2. Poptip

Twitter is one of the most rapidly growing mouthpieces for public opinion. Poptip seeks to capitalize on its growth. Poptip users tweet questions to their Twitter following and the service aggregates the responses for marketers, journalists, and interested people (They also analyze responses on Facebook as well!).

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3. Artsy

Artsy is one of the simplest online tools ever. It connects people with art. People can collect art, look at it, and share it with friends. The company takes a cut of art sales and the curatorial process is good enough so that everything looks nice.

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4. Code Academy

Code Academy is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a genius move, however, because of the recent change in public opinion toward STEM education. Jobs in the programming field are booming, and the economic downturn means that getting kids to code early will empower them with economy-proof jobs. Also, coding means that you can basically produce anything so that’s a plus too.

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5. Divide

IT is expensive and Divide has encapsulated the IT experience into one convenient webtool. Their design is scalable for every company’s needs and their security suite is built for enormous institutions. In an era where small business use the same kind of services as global corporations, it’s interesting to see a typical service scaled in this manner.

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6. SideTour

People often complain about how the internet keeps people’s focus away from the important things in life. SideTour is the counterpoint to this argument. The app allows people to post their favorite places to walk in their local area, rate routes, and become urban explorers.

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7. Pawngo

Pawn Shops are notoriously fickle and cheap. Pawngo aggregates metal prices, competitive rates, and other factors into their system to get its users the best price. The pawn shop experience just got a whole less creepy.

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8. Dealflicks

Empty theaters are a weird blessing that happen once in a blue moon. Dealflicks noticed this and has built a tool designed to price empty seats cheaply. The website offers discounted group rates for specific times and tries to make sure that theaters keep making the money they need to survive.

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9. Privy

One of the great mysteries of Facebook is what to do with the incredible amount of demographic information that the platform provides. Privy is built with connecting small businesses with their customers in mind. Businesses can post their sales, offers, and advertisements with Privy and the ads are automatically targeted to the appropriate demographics through social media and other outlets.

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10. ArchetypeMe

Who am I? ArchetypeMe tries to bring you one step closer to the truth. The site runs a quick personality test, analyzes your identity, and tailors its content to your personality. It also connects users with the same traits connect.

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Matthew Toren

Matthew Toren is a serial entrepreneur, mentor, investor and co-founder of YoungEntrepreneur.com. He is co-author, with his brother Adam, of Kidpreneurs.org, BizWarriors.com and Small Business, BIG Vision: Lessons on How to Dominate Your Market from Self-Made Entrepreneurs Who Did it Right (Wiley).

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