10 Legit Websites that Make it Easy to Make More Money

Everybody wants to make more money. Problem is, making money takes a lot of time and effort. Or does it? Sure you can make extra money the old fashion way; by getting a second or third job. And that’s fine, as long as sleeping isn’t important to you. Or, you can join those living in the 21st century and make extra money using a little thing called the Internet.

While most websites that promise riches are just scams designed to sell worthless books and DVDs, there are nonetheless some genuine opportunities on the Internet you’d be foolish to pass up if you want to make extra money.

The 10 Best Websites for Making Money

Keep in mind that no one is saying you’ll get rich using these sites but some, like HyreCar.com can provide you a tidy second income for doing almost nothing. So without further ado, our choice of the top ten legitimate ways to make money on the Internet.

  1. HyreCar.com – A lot of Uber drivers are not car owners. So where do they get the cars they pick you up in? Through HyreCar.com. What does this have to do with you? If you own a car you can register it with HyreCar.com. When Uber drivers in your area need a car they go to HyreCar and select yours to rent. You can make $1000 or more a month for doing virtually nothing. Definitely one of the best ways to utilize the Internet to make money. Learn more about renting your car on HyreCar here.
  2. YouTube.com – Youtube is, to a certain degree, a kind of numbers game in that the more videos you have posted the more likely it is that one of them will get significant views. Once that happens you have a chance to make money from advertisements on your videos: anywhere from $1 to $3 for every 1000 views. The key to success is to provide quality content and build a following.
  3. Fiverr.com – If there’s something you’re willing to do for 5 bucks you can post it on fiverr. If someone needs what you’re offering they contact you and bingo, you’ve made $5. The secret is to offer something a lot of people need and that doesn’t take you more than a few minutes to do. Easier said than done, sure. But there are people doing quite well from fiverr.
  4. mturk.com – Mturk, or mechanical turk, is run by Amazon. Anyone can sign up and become a doer of human intelligence tasks or HITs. Other companies use the information gathered from these HITs for research and development purposes. If you’re really good at doing these simple mechanical tasks you might be able to earn a few dollars an hour while you’re sitting around the house on a lazy Saturday.
  5. usertesting.com – In today’s ultra competitive business environment everyone wants to know their website is as intuitive and easy to use as possible. Sign up at usertesting.com and they’ll hook you up with websites and apps that need to be tested. You’ll navigate the site or app and share your thoughts as you go. The company will use this info to make their site more effective. You’ll make $10 for your trouble.
  6. zirtual.com – Zirtual hooks busy people up with online assistants (that would be you). You may be asked to write emails or do some research or you may be asked to order candy and flowers for the wife of the person you’re working for. It’s like being someone’s personal assistant without ever dealing with them in person. The hours involved can make it more of a real job than something you do in your spare time, but then, maybe that’s what you want.
  7. izea.com – Izea connects journalists and other content creators with brands and sponsors that can help monetize their popularity. This assumes you already have some form of established online presence as well as a following. Izea can either help you get more out of your current efforts or hook you up to website and media outlets higher up the food chain who can help turn you from a relative unknown into a sought-after commodity
  8. swagbucks.com – Take online surveys and make a few bucks. Companies are hungry for feedback on their products so they can tweak them to make them more appealing. Somebody has to supply that feedback and with swagbucks and other survey sites you’ll be able to turn an afternoon with nothing particular going on into earnings you can redeem for gift cards from sites like Amazon.
  9. skillshare.com – If you have particular knowledge in a subject skillshare allows you to create instructional videos that others will then watch. You get a share of the money those people spent to access your instructional video. Maybe the best part is that you don’t need to have a degree in education or be a licensed teacher to create educational videos for the site. You won’t make the same money as a full-time professional teacher but you may be able to finance next year’s vacation with the money you make creating videos in your spare time.
  10. eLance.com – Another site that hooks up freelance professionals with clients in need of their services. While it’s likely you won’t make a ton of money through eLance what it can provide you with is some extra income and a way to hone your skills while you cultivate a client base.

While all of these websites will provide you with extra income perhaps none will provide you with as much potential passive income as HyreCar.com. You won’t need to create videos and hope people click on them. You won’t need to be on call in case someone needs you to write a series of emails. You won’t need to sit there for hours completing intelligence tests or hope that people looking for a Justin Bieber video click yours by mistake. HyreCar makes earning real money, real simple. As simple as registering your car with their site. Give it a try.