10 Little Things Entrepreneurs Do to Sabotage Success

10 Little Things Entrepreneurs Do to Sabotage Success

Many entrepreneurs are guilty of obliviously sabotaging their success by falling victim to certain behaviors and thought-patterns. Entrepreneurship is a constantly evolving world with no set rules on how to succeed, it’s easy to become overwhelmed or fall victim to bad advice. Get back on track by avoiding these 10 common blunders that may just be holding you back from true success.

1. Focusing on Too Many Tasks at Once

The most common mistake that both the inexperienced and experienced make on a daily basis is attempting to juggle far too many things at once. Begin every day with a prioritized list of tasks that must be done and stick with a specific work schedule.

2. Overload of Information

An overabundance of information can indeed be a bad thing for an entrepreneur since it distracts you from actually getting work done. Focus on only gathering information from those who are doing what you want to succeed.

3. Nonexistent Reachable Goals

It’s easy to understand the numerous benefits of having goals, especially as an entrepreneur. One of the biggest mistakes is creating huge goals that will take many months or years to achieve. Creating daily, weekly, and monthly goals will keep you on track and reinforce your success.

4. Sloppy Email Communication

Overuse of “emoticons”, common text phrases such as “lol”, as well as improper sentence structure and grammar can give a bad impression of yourself and your brand.

5. Promises Made Aren’t Kept

Never, ever make a promise that you may not be able to keep. Not only will it make you look foolish, but it will tarnish your reputation.

6. Patience is Easily Lost

Building a brand takes time and plenty of patience. Remember that, while things may seem slow right now, they will pick up. Instant gratification isn’t always possible, nor the best choice in the long run.

7. Constantly Blaming Others

No one in the business world likes people who constantly pass the buck to make up for their own mistakes. Though it may be embarrassing, owning up to a mistake will show you are a responsible individual and you strive for your brand to have a trustworthy reputation.

8. Lack of Diligence

Getting the ball rolling then sitting back and waiting isn’t going to get you anywhere. Be diligent with your business and stay motivated. Strive to better your brand everyday rather than expect success to find you.

9. Striving for Perfection

It’s easy to fall into the trap of wanting to perfect something before making it available to the public. This is actually a huge waste of your time. Focus on creating a great product and releasing it. One finished product is worth far more to your brand than hundreds of unfinished products.

10. Laziness Becomes Habit

Laziness is the most detrimental behavior to become a habit. It is also one of the easiest habits to fall into. Take initiative in your business to achieve your goals. You are the only one responsible for your own success.

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