2 Ways to Generate Massive Publicity for Your Startup

2 Ways to Generate Massive Publicity for Your Startup

Generating initial and ongoing publicity for a startup does not have to be as scary as it is for most entrepreneurs.


With the digital age upon us and technology transforming ever so quickly, generating publicity for startups, no matter the geographical location or startup budget, has never been easier.  Even so, about 50% of businesses fail within their first five years of commencing operations, with inadequate profitability being one of the obvious and noted major reasons for such failure.


When you are in need of publicity to get your startup out of the profitability “red zone,” use the following publicity-generating platforms to turn your startup into the talk of the town (or world):

1. Help A Reporter Out


If your startup is on a budget, or wants to stash the cash for other use, Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is an excellent option to get press coverage within media outlet empires such as Forbes, ABC News, Dow Jones, Fox News, the Associated Press, along with other large, medium, and small websites, newspapers, magazines, television shows and other publications.


Here’s how it works:  Publishers and media journalists needing specific content for their soon-to-be-published pieces submit queries to HARO for sources (that would be you) who can help provide information on a specific topic (topics include business, finance, health, real estate, technology, travel and more).  You help those journalists add credibility to their news pieces and they give you free press coverage within them – what a deal!


After signing up as a “source,” you will receive 3 e-mails per day (morning, afternoon and evening) from HARO with tens of new queries in each e-mail, enabling you to strut your ‘stuff’ and show what you have to offer to the querier’s piece.

2. iReach


When you want massive, worldwide and all-over-the-internet publicity in a matter of hours, that is where a press release will surely do the job.  Press releases seem to be looked at as a thing of the past for anything other than multi-billion dollar corporations, although they are more powerful than ever for businesses of all sizes because of how technology has evolved, being that releases can be distributed in a matter of seconds to thousands of media outlets, websites and individual journalists.


With iReach, a self-service and more cost-effective division of PR Newswire, you are offered multiple different press release distribution packages, prices ranging from $129 to $399 per release.  Higher priced packages offer you publicity beyond base-package media outlets, and can also even have your release information displayed on prestigious real estate such as the Reuters sign (one of the world’s largest digital news boards, located in New York City’s Times Square).


Simply write your press release, upload the release to the iReach website, choose your distribution package and other add-ons, enter the other requested information, and schedule your press release distribution time for when you want to be the center of attention around the globe and across the internet.


How do you currently generate publicity for your business?  Let us know in the comments section.

Alex Parker is a 17 year-old serial entrepreneur, mentor and business coach, investor and self-employed internet marketer. He has been featured in Forbes and on the Reuters board in New York City’s Times Square for his entrepreneurial success, among other publications. He’s based in Grand Rapids, MI


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