40 Budget Bloggers to Follow in 2016

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Are you looking to consolidate your current debt? Are you trying to save more money for a big purchase or so you can retire earlier? Want examples on how others are doing these things so they can live more comfortably and freely?

Our list of Top 40 Budget Bloggers to Follow in 2016 share information on living frugally, planning for big purchases, traveling for cheap and more.


kristinwongKristin is a freelance writer and video creator. Her blogs are real stories about what she has discovered about herself and freelancing especially as it relates to her own financial freedom and travel experiences. A great post to read is Adventures in Planning a Budget Wedding



jessieJessi is a real, self-proclaimed southern belle that feels money is not the one in control of you as a person. She feels that even if you struggle, you can take control and find a budget that works for you and get ahead in the game of life. A great post to read is Got Irregular Income? Here’s how to budget for it.



Kristen Cross-thefrugalgirlKristen is better known as “Frugal Girl” to her many followers. Her goal is to live life to the fullest without spending all the money you can get your hands on. A great post to read is On UP-Front Cost vs Cost-Per-Use.




Gary-StretcherGary provides a real in-depth look at all aspects of reaching your financial goals. There are tips and tricks to saving money and budget friendly ways to spend what you have wisely. A great post to read is Finding the Best Auto Financing.




JD RothAfter suffering with a financial failure of his own, J.D. decided it was time to take control of his finances and turn them around. He offers practical advice to anyone who wants to live a life that has more financial freedom, but are willing to live frugally. A great post to read is Everyone Hates a Winner: How to Cope with the Haters.



budgetsaresexyJ Money promises to make financial tips and tricks less boring. He succeeds with a real interesting outlook on all topics. A great post to read is Avoiding Debt is More Important Than Your Credit Score.




marielle higlerMarielle has lived a full life and talks openly about the financial struggles that she sees herself and others deal with daily. Her “Money Whisperer” blog is going to shed new light on your financial troubles. A great post to read is Money Gridlock




Abby-Lawson-Headshot-for-Sidebar-225Abby began blogging as a way to have a little fun. It has become something that she is quite proud of and she proudly shares her monthly income to prove that you can succeed with a simple blog. To take it one step further, she challenges you to join in and learn how to blog. A great post to read is From Hobby Blog to Thriving Business: My Blogging Story.



JosephJoseph is a true investment analyst who has worked with both large firms and individuals. His idea on blogging is different from most. He creates a blog that uses real stories from real people to prove that no one option is ideal for everyone. A great post to read is How to Start a Blog and Make Money Every Month.



frugal-millennial-JenJen is a blogger who hopes to lead millennials to a healthier life in all ways, especially financially, mentally, and physically. She does it by showing others how she is improving her financial goals and paying off loans and gaining an emergency fund to protect herself during bad times. A great post to read is Boomerang Kids Don’t “Have it Easy.



david-ningIf you have a desire to become debt free and want to build up a financial padding for yourself, David may have some words of encouragement to help you get started. You have to maximize your efforts to earn and save as well as channel all of your desire into the changes you want to make. A great post to read is Would you Blow a Windfall?



tonya2Tonya is a blogger who deals with financial woes daily. She has already discovered that budgeting is what will make the most difference in her financial success story. She even writes about the way that a new job with a higher income can lead to financial disaster if you fail to keep track of your budget. A great post to read is Succumbing to Lifestyle Inflation.



the-finance-girl-NatalieNatalie is an ex-lawyer who has chosen a better way of life to gain successful financial habits. She is knocking down an outrageous student loan by using the tips that she shares with women all over the world on her blog. She talks about protecting yourself from scams and learning to save more money. A great post to read is The Worst Credit Card Myth You Can Fall For



Matt-dad-adn-mom-moneyMatt is the owner of Mom and Dad Money. His goal is to help everyone gain a positive outlook on their finances. As a parent, he understands the things a family will deal with financially speaking and strives to put his financial planning skills to good use for everyone. A great post to read is How to Beat 80% of Investors with 1% of the Effort



stephanie-six-figures-underStephanie is a mom and wife who chooses to enjoy a frugal living lifestyle. She gives readers a fun outlook on living life on a dime to gain the ability to say that you are debt free and happy. One of her most popular posts is when she shared her own experiences as she eliminated her family’s debt. A great post to read is We’re Debt Free! A Behind-The-Scenes Look at Our Journey to Pay Off $144,000 of Debt.



Thrifty-Frugal-Mom-LydiaLydia aims to prove that finances does not always have to rule your world. Her goal is to prove that you can do much more with your family’s income than you imagine, even if it is feeding a family of 4 for an entire month on less than $200 set aside for groceries. However, not all living must be done frugally and even Lydia embraces some luxuries. A great post to read is 12 Money Saving Things I Don’t Do



Danielle-blissful-and-domesticDanielle is a mom dedicated to proving that you can live life happily on less. She talks openly about how she and her family live well on very little each year. You can learn her secrets of enjoyable snacks, scrapbooking, crafts, and more, even when you are a low income family. A great post to read is How My Family Lives Well on $14,000/Year



Alexa-single-moms-incomeThere is no question about it, you can earn a living with a blog. All you need is an idea and a little ambition. Alexa talks openly about her single mom lifestyle and earning enough money to provide for her family. A great post to read is How to Make Money Blogging



retire-by-40-JoeJoe is a man who became tired of sitting in a tiny cubical doing what he had decided would be a career choice for him. He decided to create a blog for his personal needs. It was a blog devoted to his desire to retire by 40. Within only a few years, he succeeded and has never been happier. A great post to read is Do We Have a Retirement Saving Crisis?



LanceLance is a man devoted to improving the financial situation of others. He is an accountant during the daytime hours and a finance blogger by night. His primary goal is to help everyone achieve and maintain financial success in their lifetime; even if it is by reviewing your monthly bills. A great post to read is 3 Reasons to Review Every Bill: Another Cable Bill Fiasco



budgeting-in-the-fun-stuff-CrystalCrystal is a fan of fun. She enjoys showing others how to have fun with very little money invested into it. She began working as a blogger before quitting her day job and now makes a substantial income per year doing what she loves. A great post to read is Budgeting in Self-Employment.



minimalist momThe blogger of the Minimalist Mom, Racheal, has chosen to live her life with as little clutter as possible. It was a decision she made and embraced with the help of her husband several years ago. She has some interesting ideas on the minimalist’s lifestyle and one great post to read is Do You Need a Budget?



christina-northern-cheapskateIf you want to learn how to live on a tight budget, but not look like you are a cheapskate, Christina can tell you how to manage it. She gives insight on a variety of topics and talks openly about frugal living and buying things when they are cheap. A great post to read is Why We Can’t Seem to Save Money.



Joanna-ourfreakingbudgetJoanna and her partner work together to create a blog that shows how families can gain control of their finances through budgeting and it does not have to be a hard job to undertake. A great post to read is Frugal Months.




family-balance-sheet-Kristia-LudwickThere is no better person to ask about finances and frugal living than a mom. Kristia is a mom on a mission to teach others about money saving tips to implement in their home. As an added bonus, she invites others to share their experiences and how they learned to be more frugal so they could become debt free. A great post to read is Out How Olivia and Her Husband Paid Off Their Mortgage in 33 Months



jim-wang-headshot-faceon-circle-125x125Jim is a well-known father who has been featured in the New York Times and other publications. He shows people strategies and methods to help them gain financial independence. His primary goal is to show you how to cut your costs so that you don’t miss out on anything by frugal living. A great post to read is 7+ Online Steaming Options So You Can Cut Your Cable Without Missing an Episode of Game of Thrones



lydia-frugaldebtfreelifeIf you want to live a limitless life on a tight budget, Lydia is who you should turn to for advice. She gives money saving tips and words of encouragement to anyone who is still battling with their budget. A great post to read is Getting Back on Budget When Your Life Has Fallen Apart



frugally sustainableAndrea is a frugal living soul that loves all things that are natural. Her posts are mostly about ways to live simplistically and using “natural” herbs to save money. A great post to read is How to Make Your Own Smudge Sticks: And a List of Plants Commonly Used in Smudge Sticks 



edwinEdwin is a man on a mission to help others live a happier, more financially secure life. His blog is all about frugal living, getting out of debt, and going green. A great post to read is 3 Ways to Rebuild Your Emergency Funds




Laura_Harders_Headshot_Beltway_Bargain_Mom-150x150Laura is the typical Washingtonian who cannot seem to sit still. She is constantly blogging, coupon cutting, and teaching workshops. She shares some of her secrets with you through grocery deals that you can find, restaurant deals, travel specials, and more. A great post to read is 5 Ways to Plan a Frugal Family Getaway



Melissa-Goodwin-Frugal-and-ThrivingMelissa is a grown woman who was worried about her financial status if she edged up toward retirement age in several years. Her idea was to create a blog to keep track of her financial successes and losses. She talks about how to earn more, frugal living, and destroying debt. A great post to read is 10 Ways to Boost Your Savings and Reach Your Goals Sooner.



Melissa-brokegirlrichMelissa is a single mom raising two kids on a meager income. In her blog she touches on a variety of different ways that you can enjoy good living for less money. It covers everything from groceries to crafts and money matters. A great post to read is Getting Help with Your Bills



Leah-SuddenlyfrugalWhen it comes to proving money is not necessary for happiness, Leah is the lady you want to know. She is a freelance writer and frugal living expert. She can tell you about freebies that are available, ways to save money, and all about the frugal lifestyle. A great post to read is 5 Ways to Avoid Extra Fees.



anna-newell-jones-sidebar-photo-237x300Anna has written a book on how to declutter your life and destress your existence so that you can focus on the more important things. A great post to read is How to Be a Fearless Minimalist in a Cluttered World




ShannynFrugal living is a way of life for Shannyn and she writes about her adventures in her blog. It is a blog dedicated to living a full life without a lot of money or debts. You can travel without a lot of cash and do more than you ever imagined. A great post to read is Did I Save $20,000 This Year? The Final Tally.



AmyAmy is a woman dedicated to her family and her frugal lifestyle. Her and her husband enjoy the simpler way of living that comes along with frugality. They cook dinners each night and wear previously worn clothing in an effort to maintain their lifestyle.  A great post to read is How to Create a Household Budget in 3 Easy Steps.



FrugalWoodsIn an attempt to live their life away from the hustle and bustle of living paycheck to paycheck, the “Frugalwoods Family” left the big city and opted for working from home and living the country life with a frugal lifestyle that suits them. A great post to read is Frugality is Not Deferred Spending.



chris-moneypeachChris was tired of living week to week without ever really having a penny to his name or a plan for his life, so he began trying to discover a better way of living. In just 7 months he paid off his debts using a budget idea that he came up with. A great post to read is How to Bounce Back After an Unplanned Splurge



Top 25 Must Follow Investing BlogsFor Paula, her inspiration for frugal living and saving every penny she could, started with a desire to not sit at a desk for her entire life, even though she had her dream job. One of the most popular blog posts for Paula is when she reveals what she has learned about making money online. A great post to read is Everything I know About Blogging.



Erin-brokemillenialErin encourages people to get their financial life together through understanding money and the power that it may have. She openly discusses everything from creating a will to saving up enough money to go out and enjoy yourself once in a while. A great post to read is 27 Things I Learned About Money by 27.



You now have plenty of people to follow and get financial advice from. Once you learn how to save money in all areas such as shopping, traveling, child care, etc you will see your bank account start to increase. Living more frugally may sound tough but it’s definitely doable and you will not regret down the road!

Gavin Jackson