5 Strategies for Blogging Like a Pro

Blogging has always been a very good platform to communicate your passion and interests. Unfortunately, that’s not enough to build a solid following and make money from blogging. As you build a good, solid reputation online, it’s also important to build a stable identity that will have readers wanting more. Here are some strategies that can get you to the leading edge of blog development, enabling you to attain both longevity and credibility over time.

1. Put the readers first

It’s okay to start out writing your blog with that “me” element. This makes the blog enticing for many readers and can be a good start for publicizing who and what you’re all about. This is often enough to build a solid following from the start. But as you progress further, your readers have different expectations. What can you do about that? Work to determine the needs and wants of your audience. Take the back seat and let them lead the way. Put yourself in their shoes, and anticipate the questions they might have – and then you can write down the answers for them to “consume.” This is the only way you can deliver engaging content that’s timely and fresh all the time. Consider the diverse needs of your audience always.

2. Get visual on your blog

Humans are innately visual beings. So instead of filling up your pages with blocks of words, integrate videos and photos that can enhance how your blog delivers its story. It’s easy to stick with words and convince yourself that’s real blogging. But pictures can speak volumes. Pinterest is maximizing the power of images, and it has changed how people share thoughts and ideas. They simply pin up photos and immediately get their passions out there while letting others identify with those passions along the way. Insert those visuals now, and you’ll interact with your readers better.

3. Be mindful of the essence of your blog

It might be common these days to find bloggers who do it first and foremost for money, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with making money from your blog. But it’s possible to go over the top – especially when you first start up a blog. Blogs with too many ads and sales pitches will never get the audiences they want. So be sure to be true to why you started in the first place. Even after building a decent audience, cashing in on your blogging success too much can alienate your core audience, and the fallout that can follow can be very costly for you. We’re obviously in favor of monetizing your blog, but it’s important to keep on building your reach and focusing on the need that you wanted to address from the very start.

4. Talk to the world, not just to the US

You need to understand the global reach of the Internet. You’re not only talking to Americans; you are talking to different countries, cultures, and people. They all ought to have the neutrality of your geographical references. Don’t just talk about events in the US or refer constantly to American culture. Talk about the world and make your blog appealing to ALL.

5. Write quality posts

The informality of online writing can be a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because it allows writers to have more freedom in expressing themselves, but it can also be a curse because grammar and spelling errors are downplayed. But you can choose to be different. You can put a premium on quality writing and make sure that you’re not just a good read because of your marvelous ideas, but you are a good read because you write well!

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