5 Ways To Piss Off An Entrepreneur

Annoyed EntrepreneurI’ve been meaning to write this post for quite some time, but now that Problogger Darren Rowse has posted up his latest Group Writing Project I thought I’d put fingers to keyboard and start typing. What’s more exciting is that there are $1800 worth of prizes to be won in this project, so hopefully if I have a bit of luck on my side I could get a nice kick out of this post! Anyway, here it is and sorry if the title is a bit on the abusive side – there was no other way to get the message across – and anyway, most readers like a catchy opening!

Entrepreneurs are constantly wanting to move forward – believe me I know the feeling. I hate staying in the same position and am always looking for new ways in which to progress with my projects whether they be on the internet or in “real life”. You might call entrepreneurs a little shortly strung (in reality patience is key), but nevertheless here are ways to annoy an entrepreneur:

1) Cut off the broadband: I can’t think of anything worse than not being able to access the internet. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to have any international networking and therefore I would have to start a proper offline business. And let’s face it, these can be irritating at the best of times, and can be costly. And don’t mention dial-up to any internet savvy person (just speaking about it sends shivers up my spine!)

2) Give ’em a 9 to 5: Oh no what will they do without their morning lie in? Unlike the majority of the working population, entrepreneurs are able to have a reasonably flexible working schedule. So when they have to set an alarm to wake up early, tempers will be lost!

3) The dreaded boss: One of the main entrepreneurial benefits is the BMOB (Be My Own Boss). Once you take that away, the entrepreneur is left working under a gruelling dictator who sets your own lunch breaks and gives you special doggy treat bonus packages if you work extra hard.

4) Cell phone destruction: The cell phone (that’s a mobile for those who speak proper English!) is used by an active entrepreneur nearly 24/7. Whether they’re involving themselves in a business deal, chatting to their designer about new prospects, or giving their mothers laundry instructions, without a mobile telecommunicator an entrepreneur becomes a standard Joe who has no communication with anyone but those within a 100 metre radius. And that can’t be too good if you’re wanting global recognition?

5) Noise, noise, noise: Finally, the surest way to piss me off is to continually talk around me or have noises in the background whenever Im trying to do an important piece of work. As a general rule of thumb, I never have music on when I work, and I try and close all doors to shield out the family. Blasting heavy beats in my face, sister-brother bickering and non-peace will be sure to drive me over the edge.

If you have any more points which irritate the heavens out of you as an entrepreneur, then leave a comment so that everyone can see – I really want this to be a long list of all the stuff that makes us mad. Also don’t forget to Digg this, if you thought it was good!

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