A Life of Destiny

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Destiny has plagued the philosophers for centuries.  It can be a powerful source of both positive and negative states of mind.  Is destiny something out of your control?  If so, have you given up all your power in life?  Or is destiny something you can guide and direct?  A compromise is that destiny is what you make of it.  Define your destiny as your ultimate achievement.  Let your destiny come from self-fulfillment and strive toward it with purpose.

Looking Forward

Destiny can seem pretty far away when you’re looking ahead.  What started to take shape as a dream in your mind looks cloudy and blurry in the distant future.  When you’re starting out as an entrepreneur, you may not have a fully formed idea of where you’re headed.  It shouldn’t dissuade you if your vision isn’t crystal clear.  You can still mold your destiny by taking incremental steps toward achievement.

Looking Back

Destiny can take another form if you’re looking back on your accomplishments.  It may seem like everything fell into place at the right time.  It may seem like you were just along for the ride.  Whatever your personal philosophy may be, the big picture can make you forget all the ups and downs of your long journey.  Remember, life is about the details.  All those little decisions contributed to your success.  What may seem like random noise is actually the chaotic and influential outgrowth of all your choices.

Shaping the Future

Manufacture your own destiny by imagining the end point of your journey.  Picture yourself with a fulfilled destiny and see yourself looking backward from the future.  What kinds of steps are you taking in this time-traveling scenario?  What kind of steps led you to the destiny you’re imagining for yourself?

Step into Yourself

Don’t sit around waiting for your destiny to fall into your lap.  You’ll be waiting an awfully long time.  Destiny is not concerned about you.  It doesn’t have to be.  It’s in very high demand.  Destiny is out there waiting for the right person to come knock on its door.  Take the initiative and be the one to make the journey.  Step boldly into the shoes of your imaginary future self.  Don’t be passive and let life dictate its terms to you.  Be active in creating whatever you’ve determined your destiny to be.

Open Yourself Up

As you’re achieving your destiny, don’t be afraid to keep an open mind and attitude toward everything around you.  You have a flawless game plan set it stone.  Prepare to have your plan go awry.  Destiny can be fickle.  Even if you have a series of calculated steps to carry out in order, life will throw you a curveball.  Stay flexible and remember that part of destiny is reacting to challenging situations and remaining resolute.  Embrace obstacles as part of your growing process, and plant yourself firmly in a position to succeed.


Your life is not a game of dice left to random chance.  It’s also not a game of chess with no element of luck.  It’s more like a game of poker, a mixture of good decisions and knowing when to capitalize on good situations and react strategically to bad ones.

You write your own destiny while you live your life.  To achieve a destiny of success, make well-reasoned choices that reflect your ideas of fulfillment.