All Aboard the Kindle Self-Publishing Train!

Centuries ago, only the educated elite could read, let alone write, books. Improvements in printing technology allowed the written word to be shared with the common people. Words equal power, and this proliferation of literature helped create the concepts of equality and democracy that we so value today. As the Internet developed, information became even more readily accessible, and the publishing industry was no longer a domain of the wealthy or well connected. Now, with the help of the Kindle self-publishing platform, inspired writers can publish an entire book without facing the burden of finding agents and negotiating with publishing houses.

eReading Into the Future

How many people a day do you see scrolling through eBooks on their Kindles? Statistics show that one in four Americans now uses some kind of tablet in their daily lives, and their use is only becoming more popular. There will probably always be a market for genuine paper books, but it’s no secret that traditional books, newspapers, and magazines are being displaced by eContent. As an online entrepreneur, eBooks offer a tremendous opportunity to demonstrate your authority, strengthen your other marketing efforts, and give you a platform to exhibit your ideas.

Stop Putting It Off

Writing a blog post is difficult enough. Writing an entire book can seem extraordinarily intimidating at first. If you have plans to write an eBook, why haven’t you started writing? Do you feel that you’re not a good enough writer? Are you waiting for the “right time?” The only way to improve your book writing skills is to start writing. The right time is now. Don’t put off your efforts any longer. Organize your thoughts and imagine your target audience. Sit down and begin to translate into words the concepts that you feel are valuable to your readers. After you’ve got your table of contents and a couple of chapters under your belt, you’ll see that writing an eBook is not some impossible dream.

Blog Synergy

Do you already have a blog? If not, create one that is conceptually tied to your eBook. An entertaining and informative blog will contribute to the success of your eBook, and vice-versa. Not only is your blog your best platform for marketing your eBook, it’s a gathering place where your potential fans and curious readers can congregate and learn more about you and your products/services. Use your blog to build momentum for the release of your eBook, and use it to carry on the discourse you’ve started.

Don’t Skimp on Your Cover

If you’re artistically inclined and feel confident graphically designing your eBook cover, go for it. If you have any doubts in your ability, find a talented graphic designer to do it for you. Nothing initially communicates the content of your eBook like your cover. Potential readers will be browsing through hundreds of titles, and you want to stand out from the crowd. Work with your designer to create a cover that is relevant, eye-catching but not excessively flashy, and gets people clicking.

Edit and Format

If you’re good with HTMl, go ahead and format your own eBook. Otherwise, outsource this job to a capable employee. Additionally, you’ll want to consider paying a professional to edit and proofread your writing. Some aspects of traditional publishing remain very helpful and this is one of them. Even if you’ve read and re-read your eBook a dozen times, chances are good that you’ve missed an error or an opportunity to turn a phrase in a more elegant way. Step back and let someone look at your work with fresh eyes.

Uploading Options

Before you upload, you’ll have to decide if you want to enter the Kindle Direct Publishing program or not. If so, your eBook will be exclusively limited to the Amazon Kindle for 90 days. You will receive entrance to the Kindle Owners Library and the option to offer your eBook free for five days as a promotional tool. After the 90 day period expires, you can renew and re-enroll or opt out of the program and try to sell your eBook on other platforms as well as the Kindle.

Do It Again

Congratulations. You’re now a published author. Call your mother and your high school prom date to brag. Now do it all over again. Really? Yes, Kindle authors that have multiple eBooks published are much more successful than authors with only one title. Multiple titles demonstrate your expertise and passion and will generate fans, not to mention more income. In fact, some readers will pass on a title simply because it’s the only title available from an author. These readers are actively seeking familiar writers to read on a regular basis. Be the entrepreneur who fills this need.

Have you had success publishing an eBook on the Amazon Kindle? If not, there’s no time like the present to get started.

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