Are you obsessed with money?

It all started about a year ago. I took some Nike Anti-Racism bands in to school to see if I could get a decent return out of them. At the end of the day, my blazer weighed about 10 kilos more due to all the cash I had in it, and I realised that I had made an extremely healthy profit of 800% on each band. Not too bad for my first venture!

It was then that I realised that business was for me, and I began searching of new ways to make money, including eBay, Amazon and more recently blogging. Since then, people around me, including my family, have thought that I have become obsessed with money. This may be a justified argument from their point of view seeing as I do spend a lot of time on the internet, without having a full or part-time job! However I think this may be also a little unfair.

Entrepreneurs of course have a passion not just for earning money, but for the other important aspects of internet business, for example being in contact with others who share similar attributes and ideas. Also other non-entrepreneurs simply cannot grasp the fact that people like you and me gain a certain buzz out of being on the internet, and seeing the trickle of income come in after working hard on a business idea.

Money is not the only product from being web savvy and I think that people who do not share the same passions, stereotype entrepreneurs as being fuelled and motivated by money. For those of you who speak a bit of French, my French teacher even called me “Monsieur motive par l’argent” due to me doing a case study on the French economy.
Are you ever criticised for being obsessed with money?

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