At What Time Can You Concentrate The Best?

ClockI wanted to know at what time, you as a reader/entrepreneur/blogger focus the best. Lately I have realised that I get the most productive work done at late times in the evening. For example, Im writing this post now at 22.15 GMT, which is one of the latest times I’ve ever posted.

Normally, I tell myself that I work best in the mornings. However, at this time I merely look at my stats, reply to emails, check my blogs and other sites that I subscribe to and browse the forums. As Rich Schrefen would say – writer of the Internet Business Manifesto – an entrepreneur should always be focusing on efficiency and productivity. Being productive can mean doing tasks that involve labour whether strenuous or not, but by being super-productive, you can produce systems, that will enable you in future projects to stream-line your work process.

So, to get back to the question, at what time can you concentrate the best?

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