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4 Ways to Safeguard Your Business as Coronavirus Spreads              

Act now to help reinforce your business Many worried investors and financial experts have speculated about an impending economic recession caused by the current COVID-19 pandemic. Celebrated venture capital company, Sequoia Capital, recently advised that having weathered every type of business downturn over the last 50 years, the organisation has learned an important lesson. According […]

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5 Ways Tech is Changing the Cannabis Industry

Due to expanding legalization and acceptance of cannabis as a treatment for many ailments, the cannabis industry has been rapidly expanding over the last few years—it has even become the fastest-growing job market in America. But above and beyond these two social factors, the cannabis industry is exploding due to technological innovations that have made […]

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How to Translate and Localize Your Blog

Blogs have come a long way from their humble origins as people’s personal weblogs. Now they’re an essential part of many businesses and commercial side ventures, thanks to the ways in which we’ve learned to monetize them. One way to increase your blog’s reach is to expand into a new country or demographic that speaks […]

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