Back In The Game and Blogtreprelinking

After another week away on a trip, I’m finally back, very tired but ready to get online again. The 7 days were actually quite peaceful without a computer or internet – and it’s already taken a day to catch up on emails and RSS feeds and the like.

Whilst I was away, a lot of cool articles were written in the blogosphere, which I shall link to in a minute. However, before that, I firstly want to say thankyou to Sarah for keeping up with the comment moderation and for writing some great guest articles herself, but also to congratulate Edward, Michael and Steven for their posts too. Unfortunately, I was a complete idiot and forgot to credit Daniel for his article on 14 Design Tips (which was also very well received), so sorry again mate for being completely absent minded. Well done Connor for keeping on top of the situation though!

In other great news, RSS reached an all-time high whilst I was away at 750 odd, traffic was up as I got Stumbled and I received orders for blogLOUDER – with some shining reviews which I’ll post up about later. On top of that, I won a competition over at CashBulge and will hopefully receive a copy of “Weekend Entrepreneur: 101 Great Ways to Earn Extra Cash” by post. I should go away more often.

As mentioned, I had a lot of catching up to do in my feedreader but there were a few gems which I thought I should mention:

  • David Airey is holding a massive prize giveaway to celebrate his 1 year blogging anniversary. Congratulations on the great success so far buddy – and checkout the post for your chance to win over $4000 worth of blogging goodies!
  • Ben over at BinaryMoon wrote a fantastic piece on 5 Tips To Increase Adsense Earnings.
  • My pals at YoungGoGetter released a very funny WordPress plugin called Douche Bag. It made Digg homepage and got some very good reactions – hopefully I won’t need to brand any of my readers though!
  • Congratulations to my buddy Nate Whitehill and the gang on the release of Unique Blog Designs which rocketed into existence with the release of a new JohnChow theme. I’ll hopefully be teaming up with Nate and UBD to offer his clientele some Blog Consulting too.
  • Shane from Zoomstart wrote an awesome piece on Customer Loyalty that contained a few cool little stories. We all love anecdotes.
  • Yaro has continued his great series on launching a membership site with a post on the Prelaunch and Launch itself, which is very relevant to my tactics with blogLOUDER.
  • Michael from ProBlogDesign, who I also mentored has been really hitting up the blogosphere – appearing on the likes of Problogger as a guest writer. His post on “Does Valid Code Help Your Blog?” was very good and made me think about taking time to validate Blogtrepreneur’s code!

That’s about it folks, but stay tuned as I get back into the swing of things. Hope you had a great week yourselves.

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