Being an Entrepreneur can Encourage Personal Growth

Personal GrowthIt has been said that in order to be an entrepreneur a person has to be selfish and self-centered so that they can achieve their goal. While success in any field requires dedication and focus it is disingenuous to tar all wannabe entrepreneurs with this rather outdated brush.

The truth is somewhat different. In reality, to become successful a person has to develop a number of characteristics that are all positive and will in fact help that person become a more rounded human.

The bottom line is that becoming an entrepreneur can assist personal growth in a number of ways that are key not just to successful business but also to the enhancement of an individual’s standing.


To be a successful entrepreneur there is little doubt that sacrifices will have to be made. These could be a reduction in social life, getting up earlier than you might ideally like or working away from home. None of these situations should be forever, but many successful businesses require a much bigger commitment than the normal 9 to 5 of the world of the employee. Understanding and experiencing this can help the entrepreneur grow as an individual as they learn the importance of sacrifice in certain situations and how sometimes present hardships and inconveniences are not just inevitable but should be welcomed as they can help guarantee a brighter future.

Decision making skills

Another way in which the entrepreneur can develop their personal growth is through the process of decision making that is central to successful business. Being an entrepreneur means having to make a lot of decisions, some harder than others. This helps build judgement and a willingness to take those tough decisions when they come along. Becoming a person who does not shy away from decisions and can take control when others are hesitating can help personal growth.


In many ways the one single attribute that separates those who succeed and those who do not is not money, influence or knowledge but confidence. This is not to be confused with over-confidence or arrogance, but rather is a core belief in oneself. After all, if someone does not believe in himself or herself how could they possibly expect others to believe in them? Self-belief translates into confidence that in turn equates to a more fully developed individual. Confidence in oneself is contagious and a person is much more likely to inspire trust and faith in others if they can see that person truly believes in what they are doing.


This may be somewhat of an umbrella term, but in the case of an entrepreneur it means the ability to formulate a clear, concise and robust business plan that is easy to explain to others (whether that be bank manager, investors or friends). The ability to have a clear plan means that the goals are always in site and a business is much less likely to go off the rails. This ability to plan well is a great way to build personal growth as it helps create clear thinking as well as the real-world benefit of making the most of time so friends and family do not suffer from a badly planned business.

Always Learning

Being a successful entrepreneur means never standing still. No one can know everything and therefore there is never any excuse to stop learning. The business world, just like the world in general is continuously changing and developing. It therefore does not just make business sense to keep abreast of new and interesting developments, but this thirst for knowledge can also be a great aid to personal knowledge that in turn will really benefit an individual’s personal growth. There are plenty of ways that one can continuously learn new skills, this includes furthering one’s education through online classes. For entrepreneurs looking to dive into big projects, getting a graduate diploma in project management can be highly beneficial to one’s cause all while being relatively flexible to take online.


A term that sometimes has a negative connotation, networking is in fact a great skill to posses. Not only in the business world where it makes the development of new businesses so much easier, but when these skills are transferred to the personal realm, they make for superb social skills which can make interactions much more pleasurable. As personal growth involves not just the inner being, but the ability to communicate as part of a community, the level to which an individual can engage with people from a wide selection of backgrounds can really help enhance the social experience.


Often overlooked, the ability to generate energy is of fundamental importance, after all, the greatest car in the world won’t go anywhere without fuel and the same applies to the entrepreneur. This should not be confused with caffeine, although just  a cup of good coffee does help. Real energy does not come from products, but from within. It is generated by a belief in what the business involves as well as its potential. This creates a sense of energy that not only powers the business forward, but also is infectious. This attitude can really enhance personal growth by helping develop a can-do attitude.

Overall, entrepreneurship can truly impact your personal growth in a positive way. Between learning from others through networking but also learned about yourself through the trials and tribulations of the field, being an entrepreneur is surely an educational experience.

How has entrepreneurship affected you?

About the Author: Jeremy Price is a freelance writer for Allstate.  Allstate provides affordable auto insurance. Jeremy lives in California with his wife and son.


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