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Personal Finance vs Business Finance

One of the things about entrepreneurship, particularly in the early stages of any venture, is that the personal world is often still much entangled with the business world. Our time, our money, our risk, our stress, our hopes, our ambitions – there is no such thing as leaving it at the door at the end of the day and shutting off our brains to go home.

One outcome of this is that what others may consider to be squarely in the environment of business finance is actually still very much a matter of personal finance to us – taxes, debt, investments, frugality, etc. As an aspiring entrepreneur, ideally the underlying foundation of your own personal finance is in order and serves as a springboard for good management and good decision-making as applied to your nascent business.

That’s a long way of saying that I do keep an eye out for the best content on the topic of personal finance. While there is seldom anything entirely new out there – common sense, planning, saving, growing resources, and balancing risk taking with risk mitigation is what allowed the caveman of yesteryear to become the empire builders of today – still, often I find a fresh perspective or new insights by keeping an open mind and an open browser.

Criteria used to identify the personal finance blogs on this list

In order to share the abundance of knowledge in the personal finance blogosphere, I have compiled a list below of 25 fantastic personal finance blogs to follow. But before we get into it, let me tell you about the criteria used to come up with this list.


1. Personal Finance is a broad topic that can encompass many niche interests and pursuits such as:

  • Investments: from stock picking to general financial analysis
  • Saving money: from saving tips to frugal living to coupon shopping
  • Taxes: tax education, techniques for reducing tax obligation, etc
  • Managing debt: from finding the best mortgage to reducing credit card debt to raising one’s credit score
  • Wealth / Retirement: managing retirement accounts, optimizing portfolios, optimizing alternative investment strategies (e.g. gold, real estate, etc)

2. While all these topics do relate to personal finance, for this article I’ve chosen websites that:

  • Contain a fair distribution of content on these topics.
    • Example, I have excluded sites that focus on just one topic like credit cards
  • Have content that is easily consumable by the lay person.
    • While technical financial analysis may be an important component to picking good stocks so you can retire wealthy, this topic isn’t for everyone
  • Center mostly around the topic of personal finance
    • Personal blogs may have a great single article about how someone paid for college, or may have a whole category on ways to maximize your dollar at Costco, but these were excluded
  • Personality
    • I love reading content that express and reflect the thoughts and opinions of an individual person. As a result, I have focused on websites, typically blogs, where, based on the tone of the content as well as the look and feel of the site, that I am having a conversation with a friend who is passionate on these topics, rather than the website of a personality-less corporation that offers just enough to please most readers while not enough to alienate the rest.
  • Geographic location
    • As I was preparing this article, I thought to myself, personal finance is in fact a topic of GLOBAL interest. So there is probably great content being published all around the world. Why limit the list to just the major blogs one might find in the United States, or whatever country our browsers think we are in. As a result, this list includes personal finance blogs from around the world
  • Influence
    • There are probably some favorites I missed, and undoubtedly there are many on this list you have never heard of. The common thread is that I think they provide greatly valuable information and that you should bookmark them!

The List (in no particular order)

So, without further ado (easy to say after providing so much of it already), here is my list of the 25 personal finance blogs from around the world that you need to tune into.


20 Something Finance

20 Something Finance

G.E. Miller went from zero savings in his 20’s to saving the vast majority of his income, and prides himself on now living a “financially responsible, engaged, environmentally-friendly, low-impact, frugal lifestyle´. The content and advice he shares based on his personal journey would benefit any one of any age or stage in life.


Money Saving Expert

Money Saving Expert

According to his own site, Martin Lewis is “an award-winning campaigning TV and radio presenter, newspaper columnist, [and] author” who focuses on cutting bills without cutting back. He founded the site in 2003 and today Money Saving Expert is the UK’s biggest money site. Reading the biography on his website, a non-British reader can only assume that Mr. Lewis must be as omnipresent in the British media and national consciousness as Oprah Winfrey is in the United States.

Martin and his team of writers write extensively on ways to save money in the areas of cards and loans, utilities, banking, shopping deals, travel, insurance, and mortgages.


Good Financial Cents

Good Financial Cents

Jeff Rose is a Certified Financial Planner with a great site, a great story, and great passion to help others. His blog provides easy reading that can benefit everyone, on important topics like achieving financial stability, retirement planning, paying for college, etc. My own favorite is a recent post of his on teaching kids about money. It’s never too late to started, and I’m sure we all wish we had been taught these things earlier!


Money Super$tar

Money Superstar

UK blog MoneySuper$tar was started by brothers Pete and Dave back in 2011, two “normal” blokes who admit they are not professionally qualified advisers but are generous in sharing what they’ve learned as they go through life with their young families. Today the blog offers help, advice, and guidance on living with debt and on getting out of debt.


Savings Guide

SavingsGuide - 600

Billing itself as “Australia’s leading personal finance blog on how to save money”, Savings Guide offers advice on saving money, shopping, budgeting, and getting out of debt. While not adverse to offering the occasional affiliate link to financial product, the site has a great amount of useful content, written with flair, humor, and a nice personal touch by the site’s various writers.


My Money Blog

MyMoneyBlog - 600w

Jonathan Ping started MyMoneyBlog as an anonymous author in 2004 when as a fresh graduate he began pondering the great mysteries of his financial future. His site is a bit challenging to navigate at times but having this kind of history means Jonathan has a huge wealth of knowledge and advice, mostly in the form of archives, on evergreen topics such as retirement planning, investing, and saving money.


The Money Principle

TheMoneyPrinciple - 600w

UK-based Maria Nedeva has a very practical philosophy. Learn and Act. As she says “All knowledge is practical when you can make sense of it and act. Understanding your money, your life and the economy is valuable; acting on this understanding is priceless.” Maria challenges her readers to take charge of their finances and turn their intractable big predicaments into solvable problems, and tries to give them some fun education to help them do so. This help comes in the form of loads of content across many different subject areas. The cleverest is a category where she provides snappy opinions and advice on a variety of topics – each in an easily consumable 100 words (it’s true – I counted!).


One Cent At A Time

TheMoneyPrinciple - 600w

Miami-based, Indian tech professional “SB” is the keeper of One Cent At A Time. All his life he has had a passion for investment, finance and money. Since he has never been in debt, he admits he is not an expert at getting out of debt, but promises to teach readers to remain debt free, and to achieve financial success slowly but surely … one cent at a time. He provides thoughtful content on the gamut of personal finance issues, and I especially like his whole “101 Ways to …” Series.


Magical Penny

Magical Penny - 600w

UK Blogger Adam Piplica uses his site Magical Penny to teach personal finance and investing concepts. His goal is to help his readers grow their pennies through conscious spending, automatic saving, and sensible, low-cost living.


Simple Living Australia

Magical Penny - 600w

Richard at Simple Living Australia has been running this “personal finance and lifestyle blog” for 3 years, so there is plenty of great evergreen content to dig into. Finance topics include personal finance, help with debt, investing, and insurance.


The Wealth Wisher


India-based Radhey Sharma is a former Certified Financial Planner now working as an IT Professional blogging about his true passion – financial planning! He writes about a whole gamut of topics related to financial planning (e.g. planning, insurance, stocks, bonds, real estate, taxes) and also provides a series of calculator on his website to help people work out the numbers.


Making Sense of Cents


Michelle Schroeder originally created this blog to help herself improve her finances, keep track of her progress, and help reader improve their finances along the way. Lucky for all of us, because this blog has been winning awards and helping people ever since. Michelle writes in a relaxed and easy going manner, and always finds a way to relate good common sense advice, even as she writes about her travelling, self-improvement, and pet care, or reviews popular financial products.


Money To The Masses


UK-based blogger Damien Fahy believes that people of all income levels could and should benefit from sound financial advice. His goal is to provide free expert advice and financial insights to everyone regardless of how much money they have or who they are. Damien covers grown up topics such as owning a home, retirement planning, and tax advice. He also offers podcasts as well as a weekly newsletter and a variety of ebooks available for the price of your email address.


Everything Finance


Tushar Mathur is the owner of this team-supported site and has been blogging about personal finance since 2007. True to its moniker, the site attempts to cover all the relevant topics that relate to finance, so its content coverage is impressively wide. Unlike other blogs where the earnestness just shines through, note that this blog is a bit more obvious at attempting to monetizing visitors. For example, I noticed that even though they have many great categories of content, most categories aren’t actually included on the top navigation menu – only the short list of categories that lend themselves readily to affiliate referrals because of the high dollar transactions involved – banking, mortgages, online brokerages, and car insurance.


I Can Budget

best personal finance blogs

Nick Renotte is an up and coming personal finance blog star. He’s a college educated,  semi qualified accountant and with a passion for personal finance and side-hustling! Nick’s blog covers a range of interesting topics, including investing, retirement planning, stock market tactics, money saving tips and so much more. He also regularly features other finance bloggers, so is a great resource for finding more bloggers in the personal finance space.


Money Bulldog

MoneyBulldog - 600w

Adam Butler at UK-based Money Bulldog started this blog in 2012 when he saw the effect that the financial crisis was having on a lot of people, and he wanted to make a difference. He hopes that people take the time to increase their knowledge and awareness of personal finance, so they can maximize their returns on savings and investments. Adam and his team write prolifically on a variety of serious and not-so serious topics.


Money Mummy

MoneyMummy - 600w

Australian mum Shelley Marsh once upon time saw herself as a female Gordon Gecko, but after the birth of her daughter, her perspective on life changed. She now publishes this blog, as she puts it, to combine her two passions:motherhood and money, and to share my substantial financial knowledge gained throughout my successful career.  I want to cut through the industry jargon and make your money make sense”. Her posts cover topics such as family budgeting, saving money while travelling, and teaching young people sound money management, while keeping it simple, accessible, and jargon-free.


My Daily Life Tips


Indian blogger Santanu Debnath started a recipe blog with his wife Mandipia back in 2012. Ass they came to embrace blogging and sharing their writing on other topics of interest besides cooking, eventually My Daily Life Tips was born as an entirely separate website. Santanu writes about tips, reviews, and advice useful for the daily financial life in India, covering topics such as personal finance, insurance, taxes, pensions, etc.


Planting Money Seeds

PlantingMoneySeeds - 600w

Miranda Marquit at Planting Money Seeds has been writing about money since 2006. She hopes to teach her readers about using money as a means to reach one’s goals in life, and as such her writing focuses on growing wealth. The main areas she writes about include personal finance, investing, and home business.


Finance Girl


UK-based blogger Julie Cheung writes about her experiences and forays in investing, saving, and making money. Also make sure to check out her articles in the “interesting” category!




Moolanomy describes itself as a personal finance online magazine, and is supported by a team of editors and writers. By my own count, this rock star team has produced over 700 articles. They write about current events and incorporate that with sound financial information, and their mission is to help their readers gain control of their finances, earn more, spend less, and live better. Their principal areas of content can be grouped into Income Management (which includes entrepreneurship), Expense Management (which includes budgeting), and Asset Management (which includes investing), and Debt Management (which includes credit cards). While I have not seen content organized this way on other blogs I think it makes absolute sense.


Money Under 30

MoneyUnder30 - 600w

David Weliver started Money Under 30 in 2006 as a 25-year old struggling with debt, exactly because that kind of resource did not already exist. Ever since, he’s been offering simple, non-judgmental, financial advice focusing on beating debt, increasing earnings, and investing wisely. He also reviews financial products and offers a 7-day email course entitled “Money School: 7 Days To A Bigger Bank Account”.


Wealthy Gorilla


Dan at Wealthy Gorrilla originally started this site last year to help promote an ebook he was writing, but quickly decided to abandon that project and instead re-focus the blog. Today, in addition to offering advice to entrepreneurs and businesses, Dan also writes about self-development and motivation. Within the entrepreneurial focus, Dan offers great guidance regarding business strategies, managing employees, cutting expenses, and so on.


Smart Money Goal


India-Based blogger Parani Dharan has an interesting story. As a younger man he was a rising star in his firm selling insurance policies and mutual funds, but left the industry in disgust during the 2008 crisis, when he realized exactly to what extent the industry did not act in the best interest of the client — as compensation is generally based on the level of assets under management rather than on performance. Soon after he started Smart Money Goal to help readers educate themselves. As he puts it: “No one is more interested in your financial well-being than yourself. It is your duty to learn and enhance YOUR knowledge to protect YOUR hard earned money from mindless ignoramuses and hungry predators lurking in the financial jungle.”


Money Saving Dude

MoneySavingDude - 600w

Mark Ross shares his thoughts on a variety of topics relating to saving money and spending smartly. He covers different aspects, including tips to save money, tips to make money, and education about investment basics. In terms of useful advice for everyday living, I like that he covers everything from dressing well to eating well while remaining within a reasonable budget.


There you have it!

Our top 25 personal finance bloggers to follow. Take a moment to visit any new bloggers you haven’t heard of before!

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