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First Google AdSense Payment Received

This weekend marked a memorable landstone for me and my income earnings online. After spending a year blogging, I finally reached the $100 payout stage and received a Direct Deposit into my bank account. You can see the screenshot below (click on the thumbnail): A few of you may be asking, how come it took […]

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How To Make The Most Out Of Schooling

Today I read a post by Dave Askaripour asking if any entrepreneurs had experienced the physical hatred of school that he had come to recognise as he was finishing up University, and whether anyone had solutions to coping with the problem. This struck a chord with me on 2 notes. Firstly, I’m still in full-time […]

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Blogtreprelinking – 23.2.07

I don’t do many of these. In fact, the last Blogtreprelinking session we had was all the way back in August of last year. But I think its time for me to step back and reflect upon the blogosphere and the amazing amounts of mouthwatering posts that have been coming out in the past few […]

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The New Venture Decision: A Defense of the Always-Moving Entrepreneur

This is a guest post by Brian Lash who can be found at his entrepreneurial blog (feed). How do you approach new business opportunities? Perhaps you’re the type who performs some due diligence, but then enters the marketplace with a try-a-lot-of-stuff-and-keep-what-sticks attitude. You define entrepreneurship, from your willingness to pursue your reward in the […]

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Wanted – Entrepreneur Blogger

Over the time I’ve been working here at Blogtrepreneur, I’ve always wanted to continually expand my business and blog to make it more accessible to a greater audience and range of people. I’ve always thought that this would come with increased postage and commitment. However with school and time pressures from a hectic life it […]

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