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Ethical Conduct Of An Entrepreneur

Every Friday, whenever I have the time, I meet up with people from our community close to where we live. In the 1 hour slot which we all have together, we normally discuss life-related issues and concerns associated with religion and ethics. In the talk that we had last Friday, the main person in charge, […]

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Blogtrepreneur Forum is Live!

With the help of Matt, we finally managed to get the Blogtrepreneur Forum up and running. We used the free program and script phpBB2 for the forum software and I find that it is very easy to manage and moderate. I started the forum as the quality of comments that I am receiving is very […]

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Supporting Other Entrepreneurs

I consider myself a loyal reader to quite a few blogs on the internet. A lot of these are my friends’ blogs at the MindPetals Entrepreneur Network. Others are simply blogs which capture my attention and motivate me within. One of these blogs is Entrepreneurs-Journey, written by Yaro Starak. Yaro as an Internet Entrepreneur prides […]

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Rollercoaster of emotions

Today was the day that I thought we’d do it. For the first time in 8 years I actually believed that England would progress to the Semi-Finals of the World Cup. It seemed that we had our best team ever with the likes of David Beckham captaining the side, Wayne Rooney in formidable form and […]

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