Blogger experiences yet more downtime…

Lately, Blogger has become more and more unreliable. Today when I tried to write a new article and when I tried to publish my edited template, the upload kept stalling and the percent of upload complete kept reading 0%. Maybe this is to do with their growing number of server problems, which for Google, may be a worrying sign. However, Im sure that they’ll fix it soon.

This incident though, has made me want to move from Blogger so much more. I have discovered how vulnerable my blog is, and the power that Blogger has over my blog is unbelievable. If they wanted, they could shut down my blog without me even trying to contest it, such is their power.
As of now I hadn’t realised how important this was, however, more recently, I have realised that having the maximum amount of control over your blog is very important, in terms of security and readership. Your readers don’t want to see NavBars that you don’t even want to be there. It just clogs up your page and demoralises your visitors.

My advice, go hosted like Im about to do, and stick with the clean lines of WordPress. If the best of the best are using it, then it must be good mustn’t it!

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