Blogging safely

A few days ago, I realised that a person from WorkBoxers had linked to me, so naturally I checked out their site. Unfortunately, although Jamsi from the site did praise Blogtrepreneur, he was more concerned about my blogging safety.

I’m not sure how he managed to research this, but he had noticed that my email address for Blogtrepreneur was plastered all over the internet. Stupidly, whilst I had been in forums, and in my submitted articles on Ezine.com, I had left my email address in the text. As a result, my email was showing up for 19 results when searching on Google.

There is a problem with this. According to Jamsi, spambots are able to scan through the internet very quickly and send loads of spam to the email addresses it finds. The only way to combat this is to not write your email address on the internet at all. Although I’ve not really seen that much spam directed to my account, this has definitely put me on edge, and Im now worried whether I’ve left other security holes in my blog.

These mistakes are quite common, and as a blogger, I should have seen this coming. All is not lost however, but I will have to be more alert in the future. My contact page does not show my email address now, and instead uses a very cool plugin from WordPress called InTouch, which automatically generates a custom build contact form which forwards the message to my account. The email address then remains invisible from “spamming” eyes. Have you ever had any problems with security on the internet?

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