Blogging Tools Week: Ping-O-Matic

Blog pinging becomes important when you’ve just written a post, or have made changes to your template design, or have added any new features on your site. I always go to sites such as www.pingomatic.com or www.pinger.blogflux.com as they seem to be the most highly ranked on Google.
However you may be thinking what is a pinging service, and that is what I’ll explain today.

What is ping? Before blogs were born, many content writers for web pages had a significant problem in that search engines such as Yahoo only indexed their new pages after 6 weeks. Now for a site owner, this would mean not a lot of immediate traffic and slow site growth.
However with the introduction of weblogs, the rules of indexing have changed. A blog can simply use a pinging service to say to a search engine “Im Over Here”, and they would get indexed almost immediately.

Pinging to a focus point such as Weblogs.com or Technorati also means that today, search engines need only go to one of these pages to realise that you have added new content to your site, and then they can index all new sites at once.

Whenever you write a new post, head on down to once of the pinging services, type in the URL and Name of your blog, select which sites you would like to notify of your changes (like Technorati), and then ping away!
This free tool has definitely allowed me to keep in touch with the blogosphere and notify the public of the constant changes I make to my site.

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