Blogging Tools Week: Technorati

A few days back when I was writing one of my posts, I suddenly noticed how many different tools I make use of so that my blog can run smoothly. In fact, all the tools I use are completely free, so I’ve decided to start the “Blogging Tools Week” so that all of my readers can benefit from these great tools, which can help to expand your blog and offer the best comfort for the reader.
And I promise, no affiliate links!

The first tool that I’ll touch upon is Technorati. You’ve probably seen their logo on nearly all blogs, but don’t know what its about.
Technorati is the Google of the blogging world. The free service automatically tracks blogs every time they are changed or new posts are added. In addition, Technorati also keeps track of which other blogs are linking to you. This has proven to be very helpful to me, as I can discover whether people have been copying my articles, or simply whether people are being kind by doing a bit of link-loving.
By recording the amount of links you have to your blog from other sites, Technorati determines a rank for you. At the moment, my rank is 363,481, however I’m sure that this figure must be out of 10’s of millions of blogs who do not have as much link power as mine.

Technorati also allows you to have a watchlist, a search on your favourite keywords or phrases, so that you can keep track of blogs who are talking about your similar interests.

Although I don’t really utilize all of Technorati’s search features, I still think that it helps me to keep track of the blogosphere and my progress.