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I’ve been thinking about this day for a long time now, dreaming of the day where I would finally have an impact on many websites and blogs all looking to try and breakout and emerge from a scrapheap of useless information.

In a few weeks time, Technorati is set to pass the 100 million marker in the total number of weblogs in the blogosphere. But, as all you bloggers know, 99% of all bloggers don’t get past their first 3 months in business. In some cases this is a sheer waste of talent, as with a little bit of love and nurturing and guidance, these guys could have gone on to be a lot more successful.

Introducing blogLOUDER.com. With a slogan of “Turn up the volume” – my new Blog Consulting company helps you to:

  • Increase RSS subscribership
  • Increase blogging income
  • Build a rock-solid community and increasing comments on your blog
  • Raise traffic levels through creative writing

Our main packages at the moment include a Blog Consulting package where you can choose to have a live chat with me via Instant Messenger in 1 hour or 30 minute slots, and a Blog Review package – where I send you a full critique of your site by email which you can choose to have published on Blogtrepreneur.

So far, the feedback has been really encouraging, and I’ve already helped some bloggers to setup shop. Checkout this testimonial (or look at the Testimonials page for more):

“Blogging is a hazy business. When you start out, there are a million questions you want to ask, about everything from writing content, to promoting your blog, to making contacts in your niche. Adnan’s been there, done that. He’s a friendly guy, and he’s full of answers. He saved me months of trying to work the answers out for myself, allowing my blog to get off to a running start. Thanks Adnan!”
Michael from ProBlogDesign

UPDATE: The contest is now over! Thanks for all your entries. The winner will be announced shortly.

To celebrate this launch, I’ve decided to run a competition.
The winner of the contest will receive either a full Blog Review worth $95 or 1 hour of Blog Consulting time worth $60 – they choose!
2 runners up will win 30 minutes of Blog Consulting time worth $40 each.

In order to get your hands on the prizes above here’s what you’ve got to do:

  • A comment on this post will get you 1 entry. Multiple comments are allowed (obviously) but will not get you more entries.
  • Stumbling this post and writing a review of it with Stumble will get you 1 entry.
  • Writing a blog post about the launch of blogLOUDER and this competition will get you 3 entries.

This competition will end in 48 hours, when I will then add up all of your individual entries and enter you into a draw, where the winners will be drawn at random. Obviously, the more entries you have, the better!

Here’s an example of something you could write on your own blog:

Adnan from Blogtrepreneur is holding a competition to celebrate the launch of blogLOUDER – which has services such as Blog Consulting and Blog Reviews. Check it out!

OK, obviously that sounded really cheesy.

Now this competition was really made to attract more traffic to the site and to raise publicity for something that I whole-heartedly believe in. I think that you can rise out of the depths of averageness and become a remarkable blogger in your niche – without having to learn the hard way like I’ve had to for the past year. Incidentally, today I have hit a new RSS record.

Most importantly, I want to hear your feedback and reactions and general thoughts. My community is the most important aspect to me, but I believe I can help you guys out with the release of blogLOUDER and can serve a wider, blogospherical community.

Today’s the day to turn up the volume.

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