Blogtreprelinking – 23.2.07

I don’t do many of these. In fact, the last Blogtreprelinking session we had was all the way back in August of last year. But I think its time for me to step back and reflect upon the blogosphere and the amazing amounts of mouthwatering posts that have been coming out in the past few days – visit these links, perhaps drop the author a comment and tell them what you think of the post:

  • Yaro has a nice piece on the Top 16 SEO tips he talked about with Darryl Peddle, a Yahoo! guy. This is a comprehensive list of all the things you should be doing to your blog to help it gain the maximum amount of possible exposure from the search engines. With my next domain registration, Im gonna register Blogtrepreneur.com for 3 years because I reckon that should boost my rankings, Mark’s post helps to explain this as well.
  • Tom talks about how a website launch should be done!
  • Kumiko writes an extremely amusing (but amazingly relevant) post on 6 lessons Britney can teach you about blogging.
  • Darren has another of his pillar articles on How To Correctly Run a Blog Competition. This is something I need to work on after the less than spectacular $10 in cash or $60 in links competition I tried out earlier in the year.
  • Twilight Pics has reviewed Blogtrepreneur based on Design, Usability, Accessibility and Content and gave the site an impressive 71 out of 100. Im second only to YGG who just had a site redesign, so Im chuffed! Submit your site for a free review.

There’s not too many links there, so they should be digestable. Enjoy and feel free to post more in the comments if you feel I’ve left some out!

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