Blogtreprelinking – 26.08.06

Whilst I’ve been catching up on all the latest gossip from around the blogosphere I realised that there’s just too much to take in, so I wanted to share all of the new changes and information that’s been put up on the net in the past 2 weeks. I’ll do this in the form of a Problogger Speedlink (sorry for stealing your idea Darren!), but I’ve changed the name to make it that much more unique! Enjoy:

  • Rohail from Walamu has posted a cool screenshot of his new service thats guaranteed to take the student item marketplace by storm. Good luck with that Rohail and keep us all up to date with the launch.
  • Performancing Exchange and Problogger JobBoards have both been launched. These two services which are fairly similar help Blog Owners to find writers for their sites, and also help writers to get paid jobs on other people’s websites. I think both the 2 will be in close competition with each other, but nevertheless great idea. I would definitely be interested in using these services as I think my writing skills could be priced!
  • Yaro Starak seems to be going from strength to strength with his online ventures. His flagship blog Entrepreneurs-Journey now seems to have a well increased RSS subscribership, and he also managed to take on some new writers over at Small Business Branding – another great read. I’ve also been following his progress with Blog Traffic School – a course which will help new time bloggers reach subscribership levels of 1000. I can’t wait to see the sort of information he’ll be throwing in there so I can’t wait for the product launch. Any sneak peaks Yaro?!
  • MindPetals Entrepreneur Network recently went 2.0 which I forgot to mention. The owner David really did a great job with the design with the added advantage of having ads in place to pull in revenue. While I wasn’t ready to commit to writing in the ‘Preneur Petals section, I regularly read the articles there – so great work with that Dave!
  • Finally I’ve been hanging around YoungGoGetter for a while now, having had an article published on their blog. They have a fantastic community in their forum thanks to owners Travis and Eric. In my opinion my usual haunch YE.com has been going down a bit in my books, so Im glad there is an alternative. Nathan Waters wrote a good read on inter-forum rivalry at the moment (he even mentioned my forum – which is a bit lacking at the moment!).
  • Phew – so that’s it for this Blogtreprelink! This has been fun so I might do it more regularly. Anyway tell me what you think and thanks to everyone who’s linked to me, I really appreciate it.

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