Blogtrepreneur Got Hacked 2 Weeks Ago

I know Im a bit late on the topic but I only received some screenshots of the hack a few days ago. It turns out that 2 weeks ago, this very site got hacked by some Egyptian people. TBH, I’ve read the screenshots and they dont seem to convey that much of a message – I was a little surprised at this, as normally the hackers have a theme to their site attack. Not this time.

Below are some screenshots of what was on Blogtrepreneur. I didn’t actually managed to view the shots myself as I was away for the day but a few of you may have been wondering what had happened. This happened as I was renewing my hosting account on top of server downtime, so maybe there were some vulnerabilities. Either way, the screen was morphed only for a few hours before normality was restored:

Blogtrepreneur Hack Screenshots

Blogtrepreneur Hack Screenshots 2

No-one likes to be hacked but this teaches me a few lessons:

  • Always keep your blog, forum and any software you have hosted on your account updated to the latest specifications and upgrades as these may contain security and bug fixes. I have now upgraded this blog to WordPress Version 2.0.5
  • Never get on the wrong side of another on the net. If you’ve got something irrational to say, use the 1 hour rule to calm yourself down and think logically before you post – it will save you from having a lot of annoyed enemies.
  • Blogtrepreneur may actually be starting to become renowned on the net. Hackers seem to target sites if they are known as their message will be conveyed to a large audience. Whilst this site does not have a huge amount of traffic, its RSS subscribership if very nice.

I won’t dwell too much on this occurrence and will take the good points out of it rather than to worry when the next attack might be. Learn from mistakes and make sure you don’t do the same thing again is what I’ll do. So sorry for any inconvenience caused, and for any offence you might have taken at the site.

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