Blogtrepreneur joins Mind Petals Entrepreneur Network!

As you may have seen in my sidebar, I have recently become a member of Mind Petals Entrepreneur Network!

Founded by David Askaripour, Mind Petals was created to “connect various intelligent, smart, and creative entrepreneurs from all over the world.” Although I initially contacted David to see whether Blogtrepreneur would be suitable for the network, I was given a very friendly welcome by the founder, and as such am proud to wear the Mind Petals badge on my site!

I’ve been blogging for a good 4 months now, and joining Mind Petals is a result of the hard work that I put in at the beginning of my blogging life. It just proves a point that success cannot be achieved over-night, contrary to what many other “Get-Rich-Quick” Schemes claim on their websites. I may not be at the head of the entrepreneurial internet community, but I consider myself to be influential in some of the decisions that fellow entrepreneurs have to take in their day-to day lives.

Finally, I just wanted to share and comment on a few of the 10 “Petals of Success” that David mentions on his site:

  • 1. Take risks – Obviously risks must be calculated, but nevertheless entrepreneurs must always be looking to make the most out of a situation.
  • 2. Help others succeed – I think this sums up my mission at Blogtrepreneur. I want people to learn from me and my mistakes and by doing so avoid any future risks. If I can earn a bit of revenue on the way, then that’s a bonus!
  • 3. Change the world! – With the announcement of Bill Gates stepping down from his high Microsoft position in order to do charity work, I think that many of us want to change the world with a product. But don’t think that this will be easy. Bill Gates only achieved his dream to revolutionize the world with computers by working hard and never giving up.

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