Boost Your Business Revenue using Location-based Feature in Mobile App

Talking about the location-based mobile apps, these types of applications become increasingly popular that adopted by small and medium-sized businesses across the world. This high-end feature has taken a mobile app development industry by storms and gave a new dimension. Moreover, this exclusive feature has mobilized the apps well into the real world.

The Location-based applications give the consumers an immediate access to product or service information, reviews, price comparisons, product alternatives and various other mobile commerce options.

The apps give a competitive benefit to your business by reaching out to potential customers in near immediacy, so augmenting the possibility of an instant sale. It will give a huge impact on your business and especially if you have a brick-and-mortar establishment, retail or service.

Furthermore, such apps can also be used along with other technologies, and for instance, we all have ready noticed huge growth of Pokemon Go game. Since its first launched in the market, it has been listed as the most downloaded application and reaches 50 million installs on Google Play since its launch in the first week.

The best thing about this LBS, it can be combined with other technology as well and can help you to generate a huge amount of money.

However, if you are also looking forward to generating money through Location-based mobile apps, below, you can find 5 exclusive ways to generate revenue from apps with inbuilt location-based features:

Generate Location-based Ads

When it comes to talking about the location-based ads, it gives many new profitable opportunities for startups and other businesses. It is predicted that by 2020 the spending on location-targeted mobile ads will boost by 30 percent.

The location-based feature helps you out to generate an audience profile and target ads to those demographics. Moreover, this is one of the best capabilities that can be used to direct customers towards your business location.

Ensure that you comprehend your customers’ general behavior so that you get help in formulating your advertising strategies and generating huge revenue.

Cab Booking Applications like Uber

Do you know that which is the technology that is behind the huge success of the cab service provider like Uber? Location-based service is the technology that made it easy for cab service providers through apps like Uber and Lyft to get huge success.

We all know that today, cab service has emerged as the most successful and sought-after way to commute within the city. Whenever it comes to taxi services, Uber, Lyft and Ola are some of the names that come in everyone’s mind.

Therefore, transportation companies and firms should adopt on-demand applications like Uber and generate revenue for their business.

Generate Location-Based Content

By developing location-based content, you can flourish business to your organization. All the leads that achieved through targeted content will help you to generate more revenue for your business.

What you can do is recognize the local trends firstly and comprehend your customers that they are keener to all those sources that deliver them with accurate information on regular basis.

For instance, a leading gym will send out the accurate exercise information and diet charts to their customers or any medical company will send out exact information about different diseases to their patients.

Utilization of loT (Internet of Things) Apps

Location-based service when combined with Internet of Things, it allows you to generate revenue in shopping malls, retails stores, etc. Applications that developed using loT can allow shop owners to send their product information, promotional offers, etc. to people, who are passing nearby the shop.

However, beacons attached to products communicate with the right person, who is nearby through an application installed on their Smartphone. It allows businesses to generate revenue from people, who neither entered the shop not explored their product information.

In addition to this, LBS can also be used inside the premise of the shop in order to direct the customers towards the product which he is looking for. Along with IoT, LBS will make it easy to achieve more revenue that may not be possible through old and outdated systems.

Comprehend Different Features That Are Possible Through Location-based Service

If you have decided to opt for location-based service, you need to know different features that are obtainable through location-based service. Below, you can check out various features from which you want to apply to expand your business:

Check-in: Talking about check-in feature, it is considered as the most common type of apps as it provides an ability to share that “I am here”. Through this, you can provide a lot of highly standard date in order to examine and start to develop profiles of users, who check-in to your business.

Social: Through social apps, users can maintain a complete list of trusted friends with whom they can share. If you have a social app, a location-based app will plug it into it. Being the marketer, you may want to motivate your customers to tap into these networks in order to spread the word about your business.

Offers: There are lots of platforms that allow you to provide special deals, offers, and promotional services to all those people, who check-in at your place. The idea behind it is that location will add contextual relevance – transferring the ideal offer exactly when someone requires it.

Platform: To develop your own application, you can make use of platforms and serve particular purposes. However, location-based platforms deliver places databases, tips, check-in functionality and references, authentication and more.

Analysis: A complete range of tools enable you to develop campaigns and measure their impact. Some of the tools are location-specific and deliver a look at what’s happening in check-up spaces. The tools need you to have the information and data but deliver strong tools for imaging the impact.

3 Best Location-based Applications to Checkout

Foursquare: In location-based application, Foursquare considered as an innovator, helping popularize the idea of checking in to locations through your mobile device. Continued as a location-smart search tool, it mainly focuses on finding nearby locations, restaurants, events and shops.

Pokémon GO: Pokemon Go is the most downloading mobile gaming application that is the combining creature collection and battling gameplay of Nintendo’s Pokémon with Niantic’s augmented reality technology. Using their smartphone as a map, players can discover their neighborhood on foot and viewfinder to find and collect Pokemon.

Google Now: You can take Google Maps’ location alertness and navigational savvy and pair it up with Google’s powerful search tools and right learning algorithms and you can see the charm of Google Now. It allows you to easily search everything that you require, whenever and wherever.

So, the location-based feature can make your application unique, exclusive and dynamic when it compares to other apps. The apps that are developing using LBS can serve engagement from both the company as well as the customer side. Almost all the apps that based on the LBS are mainly focused on delivering services to customers.

Ultimately, this technology has boosted the efficiency and delivering customer satisfaction no matter which industry they belong. However, if you are looking forward to developing location-based mobile applications, consisting enormous features, you can hire mobile app development company to discuss your requirements.

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