How To Boost Facebook Engagement With One Easy Step

You run a successful business. You get good results and good engagement on all your social channels. It seems like you’re doing everything right and getting the results you want.

Now, what if I told you that you could be doing even better? What if there was a way to reach even more of your target audience by making one tiny adjustment to how you present just some of your content? We’re not even talking about sweeping change, just adding one extra element to specific posts.

The Secret 

There is no doubt that in the world of social media in particular, there is no more powerful content medium than video. Its power can make or break an ad campaign or even a brand. Good video alone will help improve engagement; bad video can crush you flat. 

Obviously, you want to keep the quality of your video content high, and most marketers already know the basic ways to do it. The content has to be original, relevant to its target audience, and it has to be well-branded.

More marketers and thought leaders are starting to recognize the value of live streaming as a means of covering all the above bases. Live video is always original, it is easily branded, and it is the most popular video format in use on Facebook today. People are far more apt to stop scrolling to check out a live feed than they would be to watch a polished, high-budget marketing video. The element of realism goes a long way.

Now, it’s likely that, if you have been paying attention to current trends, you have already discovered the value in producing live content. We’re guessing, however, that you haven’t yet thought about one more element that the most successful live videos on social media possess. That is why it is important to know certain hacks to help boost facebook engagement. One of these simple steps is video captioning.

Why Live Captioning?

Reason number one to use live captioning is simple: it is available and it works. Until very recently, publishers of video content could only add captions to pre-produced videos. Today, however, it is easy to add captioning to any live video streaming on Facebook Live. Live captioning works well with Facebook’s native Live API, but there are also third-party services that give you more control. With its nearly seamless integration, why would any responsible marketer not use it?

Live captioning will also help you capture a broader audience by letting viewers watch your videos with the sound turned off. This is a helpful feature to those who view your videos at work or who need a discreet or non-interruptive way to enjoy videos in various public settings

Live captioning is also a useful aid under circumstances where sound quality is not optimal. Many outdoor conditions can detract from the ability to hear or decipher spoken words, whereas, with live captioning, your message gets through with clarity every time.

Let’s not forget the benefit live captioning offers to viewers with hearing disabilities. This was the reason captioning was created in the first place and it creates a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for all viewers.

Final Takeaway

When one considers both the benefits and ease of use of live video captioning, the decision of whether or not to use it becomes very easy. Captioning your live videos brings a greater sense of cohesiveness to the content and helps you keep your viewers amply informed and engaged.

Video captioning also allows viewers to consume and engage with your content at times and in places where it would be otherwise difficult, giving your brand an edge over competitors who don’t use it.


It is highly recommended that you look into a premium video captioning services for the best results and to provide the best possible user experience, but Facebook does offer a basic live captioning experience you can use to gauge changes in levels of engagement at least initially.


Kevin Faber

Kevin Faber has been in the commercial finance and banking industry for most of his professional life. He graduated at UC Davis with a B.A. in Business/Managerial Economics. His experience in credit analysis, finance, and management led him to be the founder of Silver Summit Capital. He enjoys working in the financing industry and building connections with industry leaders.