Brian Ladin Explains How Instagram Has Made an Impact on the Cruise Industry

Cruising is a sought-after vacation with many advantages. When people go on a cruise, they can be assured that they will receive a premium vacation experience with many amazing amenities. The influence of Instagram should not be understated. Cruising with Instagram means that passengers can share the best parts of their vacations without compromising their personal style. Brian Ladin of Delos Shipping in Dallas, TX explains the ways in which cruises have become a driving factor among Instagram influencers and how passengers can use the experience to benefit themselves and others.

At Departure

When Instagram personalities are about to depart on a cruise, they can share their experiences with customers of all kinds. Millennials are the most important demographic when it comes to Instagram influence, but all age groups participate in the platform. When a highly influential Instagram user takes a cruise, their vacation choices and aspirations are publicly known. This can directly affect people who follow the cruise influencer as well as the passengers who are interested in their content.

Ways to Encourage Instagram Use

Perhaps the most important way to encourage guests to share their experiences on Instagram is to make sure that the ship has reliable, fast Wi-Fi service. Without Wi-Fi, cruisers will have difficulty sharing their posts before they return to land. Other features that encourage Instagram participation are designated photo zones and special backdrops and photo frames.

Areas with the Most Influence

According to the Los Angeles Times, the most influential cruise destinations are the Caribbean, the British Virgin Islands, Havana, and the Bahamas. Since the Bahamas have been impacted by Hurricane Damian in 2019, the infrastructure supporting cruise visitors has been greatly diminished.

Cruise lines in 2019 need to be able to show that they are involved in recovered areas of the Bahamas, and that they are providing a financial advantage to members of the local population. Supporting the local population means that cruise passengers can visit these islands guilt-free. Social responsibility will also show the cruise line in its best light. Influencers can help a great deal in this area.

Instagram Advantages

Instagram brings with it the opportunity to experience life through an aspirational point of view. Instagram users are constantly looking for people whose lifestyles they can emulate. Many Instagram followers find that their influence extends toward people who have goals regarding travel and experiences, even if they cannot afford these experiences at the present time.

Instagram presents an important facet of the wishes and dreams of Instagram users. When Instagram users can afford visiting the diverse cities and towns in the Bahamas, they will be able to support the local population while having a great time on their visits.

Cruise Amenities

Many cruise lines have amazing amenities. Visitors can experience such amenities as waterslides, spas, pools, and health centers. A passenger on a cruise can receive such services as a spa experience or as an adventure traveler. It may be that members of the same family want to experience different types of amenities. This is easy to accomplish on a cruise. All members of the family will be happy and satisfied by their choice of activities. These activities are easy to showcase on Instagram.

Land Excursions

Many Caribbean cruises include land excursions. Whether these trips take place in urban areas or small towns, they can give the cruise passenger a window of daily life in the destination city. Many towns where cruise ships dock are dependent on cruise ship visitors, meaning that they will be very receptive when cruise passengers come to town.

Cruise Providers Encourage Influencers

While many cruise lines are anxious about letting individual customers represent their brands, other companies are eager to let their most loyal customers complement their social media presence. This approach does have risks, since influencers may not always represent their properties fairly.

It is smart for the average cruise provider to encourage visitor social media posts. When visitors are able to produce sensible, true accounts of their travels, potential customers will be encouraged to participate in the cruise experience. Customers enjoy having an “insider” view of the company as a whole.

Cruise Companies and Social Responsibility

Many communities in the Caribbean, including those in the Bahamas, are dependent upon cruise ship income to meet their local needs. Cruise companies provide an important influx of consumers upon the local area, meaning that small family-owned shops and restaurants are able to survive.

Cruise Companies and Instagram

Instagram will continue to be an important part of cruise promotion well into the future as Millennial customers grow in their economic and spending power.

Brian Ladin of Delos Shipping in Dallas, TX emphasizes the importance of Instagram to the cruise industry. Cruisers can share the incredible rooms, food, activities, and shore excursions that they experience while they are on board. This encourages their friends, family, and social media followers to take similar vacations in the future.


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