Using a Blog to Build Your Profile as an Entrepreneur

An increasing number of online entrepreneurs are recognizing the potential of blogs. As I wrote about a few weeks ago, there are a number of different ways to profit from a blog, selling ads is not the only option. One of the most significant benefits of blogging for entrepreneurs is that it can serve as a home for your profile. By building your blog and the network around it you can increase your exposure, brand yourself as a leader in the industry, and find new and profitable opportunities.

How Can a Blog Help You to Build Your Profile?

1. Your Work is On Display to the Public

A blog allows you to put your work and knowledge on display for all to see. Your profile can gain exposure to thousands of people very easily with a blog, as it is accessible to anyone. Through your blog, readers and visitors will come to know more about you and your work. A blog will open up a much larger audience than you could possibly achieve otherwise.

How you display your work through your blog will depend on what type of ventures and work you are involved in. If you are a writer, a blog will obviously provide you with the opportunity to show off your writing skills. If you are a photographer, a blog will allow you to show you photographs to the world.

2. Your Success is Visible

While you may be successful with or without a blog, the blog can help others to clearly see your success. As you write from your experiences and develop a solid base of readers, others will be able to clearly see that you are successful in your field.

3. It Demonstrates Your Expertise

The top bloggers in any industry are seen as experts and leaders in the field. By writing high-quality articles about your subject of interest you can quickly put yourself in the company of the most respected industry leaders. Proving your expertise is not always easy, but with a blog it is very possible if you are knowledgeable and willing to dedicate time to writing. In my opinion, blogging is one of the most efficient and effective ways to quickly build a profile as a leader in any industry.

4. Networking Within Your Industry is Enhanced

Being an entrepreneur, your network is extremely valuable. There’s no better way to get connected with other like-minded individuals than by blogging and being involved on other similar blogs. Blogging is by nature very community-oriented, and it makes networking easier. Other bloggers are always looking to network with people in related fields, so blogging breaks down some of the barriers that make it difficult to get to know others that would be valuable to have in your network.

5. It Builds Recognition for You

By running a successful blog you can grow your name to be very highly recognized by other entrepreneurs. By putting yourself out in the open for others to see your work, a blog is one of the best and easiest ways to build name recognition.

6. Opportunities Will Find You

When other entrepreneurs have opportunities that they are looking for help with, they frequently approach those that they recognize as experts or leaders. If you are able to use your blog to become known as a leader in your industry, you may be surprised at what opportunities find you.

7. You Will Have an Interested Audience for Promoting Your New Ventures

Once you have built a loyal following for your blog, any new venture that you take on will be easier to promote. If your new venture is related to the subject of your blog, it’s likely that many of your current readers may be interested. You can be much more likely to succeed by launching a new venture when you have an audience that already knows and respects you.

8. The Demand for Your Services Will Be Increased

If you are a service provider, writing informative articles on the subject of your work can help you to increase the demand for your services as others will recognize your knowledge and ability. This is very common for a number of different types of service providers including web designers, graphic artists, consultants, and freelancers of all kinds. When someone has a need for your services, you will be the first person to come to mind and they will be more comfortable with you because they already know you through your blog.

9. You May Be Able to Charge Higher Rates

One of the results of an increase in demand for your services is the ability to charge higher rates. Not only will you have more work to choose from, but if readers see you as an expert, they will be willing to pay top dollar for your services.

10. Increased Income Opportunities Will Be Available

A blog also provides additional income opportunities, such as ad sales, affiliate marketing, paid reviews, etc. Some entrepreneurs use blogs as a primary source of income and others simply attempt to compensate themselves for the time that they devote to the blog.

How Do You Benefit from Your Blog?

As an entrepreneur, in what ways does your blog (if you have one) work for you? Do you use it to build your name recognition, to increase demand for services, or other ways? Are there any additions to this list that you would like to make?

This post was written by Steven Snell

Steven Snell

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